4th International Symposium on Diabetes and Pregnancy (description)


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Address:Hilton Istanbul Itanbul, , Turkey 34367
Event dates:3/29/2007 - 3/31/2007 (This event has already taken place)
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Committees Prof. Moshe Hod Prof. Cihat Sen Prof. Gian Carlo Di Renzo Prof. Massimo Massi Benedetti Prof. Hasan Ilkova


Topics to be Covered:

  • Screening and Diagnosis for GDM
  • Beyond the Uterine Environment
  • Fetal Origins of Adult Disease
  • Pharmacological Treatment in GDM
  • Diabetic Pregnancy and Preeclampsia
  • Metabolic Goals in Diabetic Pregnancy
  • The Diabetic Placenta: The Forgotten Compartment
  • New Technologies in the Management of Diabetes in Pregnancy
  • Ultrasound and Diabetic Pregnancy
  • Labor and Delivery
  • Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome
  • St. Vincent Declaration - 17 Years Later
  • What We Have Learned
  • General Issues: Congenital Anomalies, Contraception in Diabetic Pregnancy, Pregnancy in Diabetic Animals, Infertility and Diabetes, Menopause and Diabetes
  • N. Freinkel Memorial Session
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The Symposium will be geared to specialists in diabetes, endocrinology, gynecology and obstetrics, perinatology, neonatology, basic scientists, paediatrics, midwives, nurses, nutritionists and dieticians.


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