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Corporate teambuilding seminar that integrates proven dolphin training techniques into the workplace for peak performance

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Mailing Address: 1880 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego, California, United States of America 92101
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Lessons from Dolphins

Length of presentation:60-minute, 90-minute and 2-hour formats
Travels From:San Diego, CA
Travel Limits:
Target Audience:Any
Target Audience - Other:Corporations, management
AV Requirements:Microphone, PowerPoint capabilities
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Lessons from Dolphins seminar

Lessons from Dolphins is an exciting and innovative new experience that will help your company improve its productivity, retention and bottom line by providing management and line-employees customized Keynote, Team Building and Leadership multi-media seminars based on proven dolphin training techniques used at Dolphin Quest, a world-renowned international dolphin interaction company.

A veteran professional dolphin trainer will conduct the presentation to show you how to apply and practice the processes where dolphin trainers:

• train new behaviors
• communicate effectively
• reward good behavior
• demonstrate sincerity
• have fun

Lessons from Dolphins seminars are designed to not only reinvigorate your managers and line-employees, but to also give them the insight and tools necessary to make immediate improvements in their everyday work performance and outlook on their job.

We create a fun and highly interactive atmosphere where guests will explore each dolphin lesson through stories and videos about dolphin training, and by playing interactive training games both individually and in groups, and each lesson is customized to apply to their workplace. These dolphin training techniques can be applied to any department, in any company, in any industry and will even positively influence personal relationships with friends and family.

Participants will come out with fresh new ideas and a stronger sense of teamwork and motivation as they laugh, play and learn while being constantly amazed by the intelligence and grace of dolphins, and discovering how much they can teach us.

All programs are available in 60-minute, 90-minute and 2-hour formats.

Creating and maintaining a productive work force is essential to a company’s success, but is often the most challenging aspect of running a business. Miscommunication, bad attitudes and employee turnover are all hardships that companies must endure and can drastically affect the bottom line.

Our programs:

• Are designed to show how trainers effectively work with dolphins and how the lessons they teach us can be directly implemented into your workplace
• Are customized for your organization relating to your executives as well as front line staff
• Utilize proven dolphin training techniques that can be applied to relationships between co-workers, bosses, clients and even friends and family
• Provide relevant and easy to implement strategies to combat miscommunication, bad attitudes and employee turnover, thereby improving the company bottom line.

Lesson from Dolphins #1: Clear and Consistent Communication.

Clear and consistent communication between co-workers, bosses, clients,
and dolphin and trainer is essential in order to get anything accomplished. Lesson #1 focuses on developing communication skills where participants:

• Understand how trainers communicate with dolphins
• Learn and practice a wide variety of dolphin hand signals
• Hear the story of Liko, the dolphin who taught us how to communicate clearly
• Practice making your body language match your words
• Take the Communication Styles Poll

Lesson from Dolphins #2: Rewarding Good Behavior

Rewarding good behavior is a key strategy used to improve work performance, motivate your staff and retain employees. Lesson #2 focuses on learning how to reward good behavior by having participants:

• Understand why dolphin trainers blow their training whistles
• Through a series of dolphin training video clips, practice using the tools trainers use to effectively shape behavior
• Hear the story of Kolohe, the dolphin who taught us how to only reward good behavior
• Learn how to tell employees and co-workers “good job” correctly
• Take the Rewards Poll

Lesson from Dolphins #3: Attitude and Sincerity

Having a positive attitude and showing sincerity are skills that can greatly influence your outlook on your work and your life. Lesson #3 focuses on how to maintain a positive attitude and how to show your sincerity by having participants:

• Learn how trainers manage the moods of the dolphins
• Hear the story of Kona, the dolphin who taught us why a good attitude is so important
• Experience the Bucket Full of Fish Theory
• Take the Check Your Attitude Poll
• Practice skills on how to show your sincerity to others

Lesson from Dolphins #4: Having Fun

Having fun in and out of the workplace is the most important lesson of all and can affect every aspect of your life. Lesson #4 focuses on how to have fun and laugh often by having participants:

• Understand what makes a dolphin ‘happy’
• Hear the story of how the baby dolphin Kai Nalu taught us the importance of having fun at work
• Take the Audience Laughter Survey
• Enjoy the “Having Fun at Work” video for Dolphin Quest
• Commit to two simple daily Laugh Tasks

Speaker Bill Wolden

Bill Wolden has worked with Dolphin Quest since 1992 as a dolphin trainer, site manager and Corporate Director, and is a renowned leader in the marine mammal training field. He was an instructor at Moorpark College’s Exotic Animal Training and Management Program and taught courses on Animal Training and Public Speaking. Bill is also a longtime professional member of the International Marine Animal Trainers’ Association. He has conducted hundreds of lectures and workshops on dolphin training, workplace skills and self motivation, and is currently the Director of Dolphin Quest University which focuses on internal and external education programs for guests of all ages. Bill has been described as a captivating speaker who engages his audience in a way that makes each participant feel involved and enlightened and leaves them with a smile on their face and begging for more.

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