Craniofacial Pain Mini-Residency -- Session 2 (of 4) (description)


Address:American Airlines Training & Conference Center Fort Worth, Texas, United States of America
Phone:800/322-8651 or 817/282-1501
Event dates:11/29/2007 - 12/1/2007 (This event has already taken place)
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Leading the TMD Community


Topics to be Covered:

  • Head & Neck Anatomy as it Relates to TMD, Muscle Disorders & Craniofacial Pain Disorders
  • Anatomy Lab with Dissected Specimens
  • Overview of Muscle Disorders
  • Appliances (Splints) for Muscle Disorders
  • Occlusal Registration Workshop
  • Myofascial Pain Disorders: Introduction to Spray & Stretch
  • Spray & Stretch Technique Workshop
  • Introduction to Trigger Point Injections
  • Trigger Point Injection Workshop
  • The NTI Appliance
  • Pathology/Disease Process of TM Joints
  • TM Joint Injection Techniques
  • TM Joint Injection Workshop
  • Non-Reducing Disc Displacement Reduction Technique & Temporary Appliance Fabrication
  • Appliances for Disc Interference Disorders: Types, Occlusal Registration, Fabrication & Management
  • Temporary Splint Fabrication Workshop for Non-Reducing Disc Displacements, NTI Fabrication Workshop
  • Common Craniofacial Pain Disorders
  • Craniofacial Pain Disorder Diagnostic & Therapeutic Injections Workshop
  • Practice Management Discussion
  • Case Presentation
  • Testing & Review
Organizer phone:800/322-8651 or 817/282-1501
Offering type:Lecture & Participation
Event frequency:Never
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Target audience:Dentists
Other target audiences:
Host Sponsor:American Academy of Craniofacial Pain -- AACP Institute
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Currency:US Dollars
CE Credits:Approximately 23.50 CE credits are available (10.00 lecture + 13.50 participation). AACP is an ADA CERP recognized provider. The formal CE programs of the AACP are accepted by AGD for FAGD/MAGD credit. January 1993 - December 2009.


Upon completion of Session 2, participants should be able to: 1) treat and manage the myofascial pain disorder patient, 2) treat and manage patients with intra-articular pathology of the TMJ; 3) treat and manage craniofacial pain syndromes. They will also have new or updated knowledge of intraoral orthotics (e.g., types, designs, fabrications and management) and expanded their ability to: deliver trigger point and intra-articular injections and manipulate the TMJ to reduce a non-reducing disc.


Registration Fee Details:

$3,500.00 per session OR $10,740.00 (AACP members) and $13,600.00 (non-members) for the entire, 4-session mini-residency program.

Other items that tuition includes:

Comprehensive course manual

Travel and hotel arrangements:

American Airlines Training & Conference Center (ph: 800/777-6464). 
Contact Person:Cordelia Mason
TitleExecutive Director
Organizer Address 1516 W. Pipeline Road
Organizer CityHurst
Organizer State: (US)Texas
Organizer State/Province: (Outside US)
Organizer Zip or Postal Code76053
Organizer CountryUnited States of America
Organizer Phone800/322-8651 or 817/282-1501
Organizer Fax817/282-8012
Structural makeupNon-Profit
Host Sponsor; Other SponsorsAmerican Academy of Craniofacial Pain -- AACP Institute
Event Site/VenueAmerican Airlines Training & Conference Center
Event sold out?No
Multiple locations or dates?No
Statistics available for most recent event held in:NA
Average number in event attendance of:
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Target BoundariesNational
Refund Policy:Tuition refunds are contingent upon filling your space in the course and must be requested at least 30 days prior to session start date. The American Airlines Training & Conference Center will cancel hotel reservations without penalty with notice at least 24 hours prior to scheduled arrival.
Is Registration contact information the same as Organizer Contact above?Yes
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Can registration be made by snail (regular) mail?Yes
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Do you have additional written or AV materials for sale?No
If so, are they available for non-attendees as well as those attending?NA
Is full tuition necessary to ensure registration?Yes
Will there be shuttle service available?Yes
Details:Complimentary shuttle service between Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and the American Airlines Training & Conference Center is available to participants in this mini-residency progam.
Are there any particular aspects of your conference that you consider unique to your field?1) Participation credits may be applied toward AGD Mastership requirements; 2) Successful completion of written exams offered at the end of each session of this program fulfill the AACP Fellowship written exam requirements.

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