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Contact:Dr. Emily Matuszewicz
Mailing Address: 1705 S. Pearl st, Denver, Colorado, United States of America 80210
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Metropolis Center for Holistic Health

Fields of Interest:

Chiropractic, Complimentary & Alternative Medicine (CAM), Dietetics/Nutrition, Health/Wellness/Nutrition, Balance in Life, Holistic & Integrative Healthcare and Medicine, Health & Wellness
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Target Audience:Any
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Dr. Emily is the owner and founder of Metropolis Center for Holistic Health, a thriving center for wellness in Denver's Old South Pearl Street District. She has practiced for over twelve years, working successfully with patients experiencing a variety of conditions, including depressed immunity, hormonal imbalances, depression/anxiety, migraines, chronic illnesses, digestive complaints, and many others.

She is also recognized for her educational seminars on such topics as nutrition, stress and energy management, and designing a healthy lifestyle. She teaches classes at Metropolitan State College of Denver, is on the faculty of a group that provides continuing education courses for teachers and she has been a guest lecturer at Denver's Nutrition Therapy Institute.

Dr. Emily is a graduate of Colorado College, Northwestern College of Chiropractic and the Academy for Classical Homeopathy, including Lou Klein's North American Master Clinician Course and Jeremy Sherr's Dynamis School for Advanced Homeopathic Studies. She is a Level II certified GI Schwarzbein Practitioner.

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