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Contact:Mr. Sam Palazzolo
Mailing Address: 1310 Briar Ridge Drive, Keller, Texas, United States of America 76248
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Pathos Leadership Group

Fields of Interest:

Change, Communication, Customer Service, Sales, Teambuilding, Business

Most Requested Topics/Programs:

  • Leadership Development
  • Influential Sales
  • Influential Leader
  • Influential Customer Retention
  • Influential Team Building
  • Influential Change
  • Influential Communication

Recent Engagements:

  • Telecommunications Risk Management Association (TRMA) October 2008
  • Pathos Executive Council Monthly 2009
  • RuffaloCODY July 2008
Length of presentation:45 minute Keynote - Full Day Workshops!
Travels From:DFW
Travel Limits:None
Target Audience:Any
AV Requirements:Projector and Sound System
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Over 18 years experie either as owner/employee in businesses ranging from Manufacturing, Wholesales and Distribution, to Retail. I worked directly for General Motors on their SATURN Project (I guess itís a division now!), as well as all other domestic manufacturers on assignment. I later had the opportunity to work directly for Toyota and departed after achieving the #1 district in region as the Retail Development Manager.

BS Economics from Indiana University
MBA Vanderbilt University

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