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Internationally known inspirational & life changing educator and champion of civil and human rights

Contact:Dr. Hanan Islam
Mailing Address: 3209 N. Alameda Street, Suite B, Compton, California, United States of America 90222
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The first time I heard Rev.Johnson speak, I saw my entire life flow before me. I thought he was speaking directly to me. He said things I knew came directly from a higher source. I knew immediately that I had to do more to help man-kind. I went home prayed about it. I sold my budinesses and my home and joined staff at his Compton based World Literacy center and have been there now for 10 years. H. Islam
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Youth, Violence Prevention

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  • Education
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  • Celebrity Salute to Dr. Martin Luther King
  • City of Lynwood Black History Month
  • City of Compton Black History Month
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Biography: Reverend Alfreddie Johnson, Jr. PhD

Reverend Alfreddie Johnson, Jr. is the pastor and founder of True Faith Christian Center in Compton, California. At True Faith, the members enjoy being inspired by Rev. Johnson to make a difference in life and be a stellar example of successful spiritual existence.

Rev, as he is lovingly known, is the CEO and founder of the World Literacy Crusade, an organization that was initially founded to rehabilitate gang members. When Reverend Johnson found out about the study technology developed by the late humanitarian, Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, he saw it as a tool that could help him in this endeavor. Reverend Johnson recognized that “illiteracy” is the fundamental issue at the base of every social ill that exists in our society i.e. crime, drug abuse, child abuse, homelessness, hopelessness, etc. Using this study technology to bring about literacy gives to the individual a confidence in his ability to learn and apply what he has learned to life. World Literacy Crusade is helping individuals and groups around the world to change conditions in life.

Born out of World Literacy Crusade, Reverend Johnson is the founder and CEO of Master Learner Academy International. Master Learner Academy is devoted to creating a “master learner” who is a student that has “mastered” the subject of learning and can approach and learn any subject comfortably and with success. The Master Learner program is currently being delivered to the Nation of Islam and AME churches across the U.S. Illiteracy is being arrested and competent, “master learners” are evolving. These master learners then go out and recruit others needing help, creating more master learners. With the study technology, this is guaranteed, in every case. Handling our communities in this fashion, restores hope of a bright future.

Reverend Johnson is also the co-founder with his Executive Director, Dr. Hanan Islam, of American Health & Education Clinics. These clinics are certified with and supported by the state of California to administer drug rehabilitation and alternative mental health services to the youth and adult population of Los Angeles County. These clinics are the only clinics certified by the state of California to administer “drug-free” outpatient detox services, utilizing sauna and specializing in the treatment of teens. This organization also works closely with the courts when any of the youth have entered the judicial system. The courts value and respect the improvements and evaluations given by Dr. Islam and Rev. Johnson. Thus far, all court rulings have aligned with the recommendations of the founders. This organization is growing rapidly. As a result of its success, young people are completing the program and joining staff to help other youth, like them, get through their program. This program is gaining wide acceptance and recognition of its effectiveness in handling youth drug use and addiction.

Reverend Johnson is also the founder of Men Who Care, an organization created for men that want to redefine the male role in our society by educating and empowering our young men to have confidence in themselves and take a leading role in life as heads of household i.e. fathers, husbands, businessmen, friends, etc. In this organization, men are taught responsibility and respect for women and children in our society. This group is composed of men from every walk and status in life. Several hip-hop artists have joined Rev. Johnson in this undertaking. Many of these hip-hop artists are parents, now, and recognize the necessity of educating our children on how to achieve success i.e. “the bling-bling”. These men want our young men to have their heads on straight to ensure that our forward progress is continued into future generations. The goals and aims of Men Who Care are carried out through mentor programs and award ceremonies designed to make widely known to the public the vital work of these street soldiers.

Reverend Johnson is a noted, awe-inspiring, life changing sought-after international speaker. He shares his vision and wisdom with individuals and groups all over the world. Rev. Johnson’s desire to help improve our communities, society and the world-at-large has landed him in the political arena where he petitions and influences his peers to make sane and sound decisions that do the greatest good for everyone concerned.

Rev. Johnson has pledged his devotion to ensure that he and his organizations are a resource for the success of our communities, worldwide. For more information or to book Rev. Johnson as a speaker at your next event, please feel free to contact his offices at 310-537-2273 or via e-mail at or

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