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Topics to be Covered:

  • Dr. Glenn Clark, Dr. Mahvash Navazesh, Dr. Saravanan Ram, Dr. Parish Sedghizadeh
  • TOPICS TO BE COVERED: * Basic diagnostic principles and techniques, such as surgical biopsy, and its adjuncts, as a modality for making accurate oral soft tissue and hard tissue diagnosis. * The identification and differential diagnosis of various odontogenic infections, cysts and tumors both clinically and through conventional and advanced (CT) imaging studies. * The recognition of non-odontogenic lesions, and discriminating them from odontogenic lesions both clinically and through radiographic studies. This includes benign and malignant neoplasms of bone and other hard tissues of the craniofacial region. * The identification of salivary gland pathology, diagnostic work-up of the major and minor salivary glands, interpreting test results from salivary gland analysis, and prescription writing for common salivary conditions and salivary stimulating medications. * The diagnosis and treatment of facial muscle and TM joint disorders, atypical odontalgia, phantom tooth pain, attrition, erosion and abrasion. * The evaluation of the facial skin for dermatoglyphics and skin lesions during a head and neck examination, and an introduction to common skin lesions, particularly cancers affecting the skin of the face. UPON COMPLETION YOU WILL BE ABLE TO: * Identification and diagnosis of oral soft tissue and hard tissue diseases * Principles of differential diagnosis and techniques for definitive diagnosis * Adjunct diagnostic methods for lesion evaluation * Diagnosis of pathology affecting the craniofacial and jaw bones * The role of conventional and advanced imaging studies in hard tissue pathology * Radiographic evaluation and interpretation of osseous lesions * Identification of odontogenic infections, cysts and tumors in the jaws * Discriminating between odontogenic and non-odontogenic lesions * Presentation of primary and metastatic cancers affecting the craniofacial and jaw bones * Recognition and evaluation of salivary gland disease * Familiarity with skin pathology affecting the face * Concepts of treatment and management in soft and hard tissue diseases * Indications for referral and medico-legal issues
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SYNOPSIS: This is the second in a 2-part Continuing Education course series, intended to give clinicians a practical and logical approach to recognizing, diagnosing and treating various oral and maxillofacial diseases. Predominantly a case-based approach by expert faculty, this series or each individual course would be particularly useful for general dentists, dental specialists, dental hygienists or assistants in addition to medical health care professionals involved in the clinical care of patients. These courses present a great opportunity to brush up your diagnostic skills, gain insight into modern management techniques and principles, or acquire new areas of expertise that can be applied to your clinical practice. These courses will address possible legal ramifications from failing to diagnose pathology, such as cancer, based on real case experience by expert faculty, allowing participants to draw from this "what not to do" in practice. This course will review principles of soft tissue lesion and hard tissue lesion identification and management. We will cover common odontogenic infections, cysts and tumors in addition to non-odontogenic conditions such as mucosal and submucosal pathology, skin lesions of the face, salivary gland diseases, and diseases affecting the jaw bones and temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Cases will be drawn from expert faculty, and will include clinical images and conventional and advanced imaging studies, including computerized tomography and TMJ tomography. Concepts of clinical and radiographic recognition of benign versus malignant tumors will be addressed. Faculty e will also discuss diagnostic principles and techniques and their potential applications, including surgical biopsy, punch biopsy, cytology (i.e. Brush Biopsy®), Toluidine blue, and chemiluminescence (i.e. Vizilite®, Microlux DL®, VELscope®).


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