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Life Purpose and Prosperity Coach

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Mailing Address: P.O Box 398, Cosmopolis, Washington, United States of America 9537
Phone:808 269-2428
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Life is a journey of self discovery. The hardest questions are often the ones we never ask ourselves. Every day is an opportunity to discover the greatness we are meant to be and venture down pathways never explored. There are no wrong or right directions, just different ones which will all ultimately end at the same destination. The only difference is which choices do we chose. There are those which are made out of our courage, wisdom, creativity and spirit, and those which are made out of fear, lack and ego. The choice is ours to make on what sort of journey we are going have and share with the world. Coach Fionnbharre
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Speaker 's Fees:$2500 or less
Length of presentation:1 Hr
Travels From:Washington State/ Seattle SeaTac
Travel Limits:None
Target Audience:Allied Professionals
AV Requirements:PA System and Digital Projector
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I have chosen to use my life to be of service to others in various ways. One of these is Coaching. I am fulfilling my purpose in life by helping others to discover their own purpose in life. We live in a time where a great majority of people are dissatisfied with their current job or lifestyle. This is primarily because they are not doing what they love or are not fulfilling their purpose in life. It is my passion in life to change this and create a world where we all are On Purpose in our lives.
I have always had a gift at listening to others and feeling what moves in their Hearts, Minds and Souls. Through the years of my own self discovery I found that when I was coaching someone unconsciously I entered into a Timeless State of Being. It was this which finally led me to know that this was one of my purposes in life.
Although I have attended college and trade schools my path of true education has been the hands on approach to life. Over the past 20 years I have studied Psychology, Human Nature and Spirituality out of a need to understand my own self and the world around me. It has taught me a great deal and given me the ability to ask deep questions of myself and others. I have executed many different types of work. This has given me a broad background to draw from, to understand the many different types of personalities of people in this world.
I chose to attend the Coaches Training Alliance and be certified, to fine tune my coaching skills and learn better ways to serve my clients. I am also a member of the International Coaching Federation which is an organization which accredits and supports the coaching profession. I am committed to excellence in service to my clients because I am here to add value to people’s lives and help clients discover that which will be of the greatest benefit to them.

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