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Jean Smith, grandmother and author

Contact:Mrs. Jean Smith
Mailing Address: 1820 Exeter, Irving, Texas, United States of America 75062
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Fields of Interest:

Family, Fearless Aging

Most Requested Topics/Programs:

  • Grandparents
  • families
  • seniors

Recent Engagements:

  • The Branch Ladies Class 2011
  • Dallas morning News Reporter 2011
  • S&A Families 2011
Length of presentation:60-90 minutes
Travels From:Irving, Tx.
Travel Limits:undetermined
Target Audience:Any
Target Audience - Other:parents: baby boomers
AV Requirements:
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Retired teacher,director of Montessori School, author of "Lifesavers For Grandparents", grandmother of nine.

Excerpt from "Lifesavers for Grandparents":


Itís a nice fence, good wood, pleasing color and the fence provides a perfect background for our roses. The problem is, we canít see over it. For years, we enjoyed standing at our chain link fence and visiting with our neighbors. We shared family news, traded recipes and shared plants and garden tomatoes, until they built a fence. All communication has stopped because the fence is eight feet tall Everything changed because of that fence.

Family fences occur in multiple ways and some may be tall, very, very tall.. Divorce, drugs, transfers, affairs, sexual preferences, religious issues, morality disputes, or various disagreements or disappointments construct bridges which block views and hinder family communication. It seems everything has changed, because of that fence.

The neighbors still live there on the other side of that fence. They have not changed, not really. They just wanted a fence. They did not tell us or ask our permission. We know our consent was not required, but they didnít even ask. We never seem to make the effort to climb over the fence, build a gate, or even walk around it. Communication was so easy before, and now it seems much too difficult. Why even try?

Find a way to get around the fences in your family. The family is still there, the children may not have noticed the changes the fence caused, and they wonder why they donít see you. The better defense may be to forget what it was like before the fence and concentrate on what is, and how to best maintain contact.

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