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Contact:Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha
Mailing Address: 251 Nat Turner Blvd, Newport News, Virginia, United States of America 23606
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Perio Arts Institute

Fields of Interest:

Dental Hygiene
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Target Audience:Dentists
Target Audience - Other:Dental Teams
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Dr. Samaha is an internationally recognized expert in the connection between oral disease and disease in the rest of the body.
In 2015 Dr. Samaha developed an initiative "to increase the health and wellness of 20,000 ppl on our peninsula by the yr 2020 by increasing the awareness of the dramatic connection between healthy mouths and healthy bodies."
Dr Samaha’s intention is to care for each human being through the lens of Total Body Wellness through Complete Health Dentistry. I think you will see that she is well–equipped to do so.
"Dr Samaha truly believes the health care crisis in our country lies in our mouths. After reviewing the information she has provided, you will understand why. .... "

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