1st International Congress of Micro-Immunotherapy ICoMI 2017 (description)


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Event dates:5/18/2017 - 5/20/2017 (This event has already taken place)
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Topics to be Covered:

  • Pr. Alessio Fasano, Pr. Vincent Castronovo, Pr. Torello Lotti, Pr. Kingston Mills, Pr. Herman Waldmann, Pr. Claudia Kemper, Pr. Guillaume Dorothée, Pr. Thomas Malek, Pr. Eliana Mariño Merino and many more.
  • Science, Health & Medicine
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ICoMI 2017: Where Science and Clinical Practice meet…

This congress offers a unique opportunity for research scientists, lab technicians and health professionals (physicians, physicians-in-training, students) from all around the world to meet, discuss and interchange experiences in the field of immunomodulation and chronic diseases.

- Immunomodulation: a highly promising therapeutic approach

Although chronic diseases present a significant challenge, the aim of the ICoMI 2017 Congress is to present all the latest developments in the understanding of the link between autoimmune processes, pathologies and available care options.
Immunotherapy in general and, more specifically, types of therapy that use immunocompetent substances in small doses, such as micro-immunotherapy, offer a series of highly promising outlooks. Micro-immunotherapy aims to restore a balanced immune response by using low concentrations of cytokines and regulating substances (such as chemokines).

- Who is affected by these developments?

All healthcare stakeholders, whether they be scientists, researchers or practitioners interested in immunomodulation-based therapies. Participating in this congress will help you to improve your professional practice by gaining valuable knowledge on the concept of autoimmunity thanks to new lines of research, new diagnostic tools and innovative therapeutic applications.

- Why participate as a Sponsor/Exhibitor?

ICoMI 2017 will open new horizons and set the basis of a new strong international network of researchers and practitioners.
Being a sponsor will give more visibility to the participating companies, and help establish privileged contacts for the future.
In order to offer a large range of communication and public relation possibilities, diversified packages have been set up.
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9:00 am to 2:00 pm

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Standard: EUR 390
Members of MI Associations: EUR 360
Students: EUR 210

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