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Address:Grange St. Paul's Hotel, 10 Godliman Street London, , United Kingdom EC4V 5AJ
Event dates:6/13/2017 (This event has already taken place)
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  • Nicola Mendelsohn: VP EMEA at Facebook, Russ Shaw: Founder of Tech London Advocates, Tim Hollingsworth: CEO at the British Paralympic Association, Imogen Heap: Musician, Steve May-Russell: Founder of Smallfry, Haiyan Zhang: Director Innovation at Microsoft Research, Carlos de Arriba: Business Development at Oculus, Charlie Redmayne: CEO of HarperCollins and Vice-President of the Publishers Association, Peter Runacre: Senior Projects Director at Argent, Sarah Golding: CEO of CHI&Partners and President of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, Ben Lumsden: Head of Studio at Imaginarium, Matthew Frank: CEO of TRX, David Flynn: Founder of Youngest Media, Adrian Leu: CEO of Inition, Sarah Ellis: Director of Digital Development at the Royal Shakespeare Company
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We are expecting as much change in the next 20 years as in the preceding 60. Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs and creative thinkers are taking the lead in this rapidly changing world fostered by technology and enabled by creativity.

Createch 2017 brings together established global leaders from a variety of economic sectors who will share their vision for the next 20 years with businesses in the creative technology sector who will share how they are disruptors and innovators in this space.

Participants from industry will be able to meet with Britain’s leading creative thinkers, communication specialists, designers and developers of artificial intelligence and virtual reality solutions to help them differentiate their product / service, find new ways of engaging with customers and generate loyalty.
Participants from the creative tech sector will hear about the challenges and opportunities that the blurring of technology into every part of our lives presents to global companies and gain insights into how the sector can help shape our collective future.

The Summit celebrates the role of Createch in economic growth and job generation across the wider economy and highlights future opportunities for collaboration from industry leaders from a variety of sectors including Retail, Healthcare, Finance, Sport and Entertainment.


8:30 am to 8:00 pm

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Createch 2017 - Delegate: GBP 190.49

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