3rd Edition Transport of High Risk Infants (description)

"3rd Edition Transport of High Risk Infants"

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  • Michael Elliott, Morten Breindahl, Marta Thio Lluch, Michael Stewart, Stephanie Redpath, Luca Ramenghi, Michael Meyer, Boubou Hallberg, Neelam Gupta, William Cyr, Susan Broster, Hamilton Schwartz, James Tooley, Anne Marie Wilson, Andrew Berry, Chris Snaith, Zsolt Somogyvąri, Eithne Polke, Jenni Sokol, Padnanabhan Ramanaryan, Webra Price-Douglas, Andrew Leslie, Andrea Cooper, Lisa Leppard, Kyong Soon Lee, Cassie Lawn, Tova Hannegard, MIchael Griksaitis, Matt Edwards, Julian Eason, Ffion Davies, Michael Bingham, Baljit Cheema, Rosemarie Boland, Kathryn Browning Carmo
  • CME (Continuing Medical Education)
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Infant and neonatal Transport has largely developed over the past 25 years becoming a cornerstone of the modern perinatal medicine. Centralization of high risk deliveries is highly beneficial to neonatal outcomes although it will be never fully achieved making Neonatal Transport efficiency a invaluable resource.

In addition, new diagnostic and therapeutic options (i.e hypothermia) will render neonatal intensive care centers together with neonatal transport medicine a continuously evolving discipline. Our meeting will focus on many related topics, with special regard to emerging clinical problems, organizational issues, equipments, safety, cost effectiveness, medico-legal implications in the aim to establish high quality standards.

A specific effort of the meeting will be devoted to reach higher levels of knowledge and skills in order to draw a framework for future practice.


8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Physicians: EUR 495, Non Doctors: EUR 220, One Day Physicians: EUR 220, One Day Non Doctors: EUR 150

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