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Address:6300 Hollywood Way Orlando, , United States of America 32819
Phone:1 805 965 3184
Event dates:11/6/2017 - 11/10/2017 (This event has already taken place)
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  • Lene ěsterberg, Sasha Aganova, Clinton Avittman, Giovanni Diviacchi, Bao Do, Art Drake, Carol Drew, Jacob Feldman, Kay Fudala, Denis Gagne, Kelly Geraghty, Robin Goldsmith, Jared Gorai, Ellen Gottesdiener, Michelle Green, Meri Gruber, Andrej Gustin, Meghan Haley, Kim Hanson, Wayne Hashimoto, Kathleen [Kitty] B. Hass, Shane Hastie, Linda Hebert, Filip Hendrickx, Beth Hettich, Anthony Hill, Michael Hinshaw, Belinda Honigfort, Sarah Houser, Charlene Huggard, Sridhar Iyengar, Audrey Jaffe, Christopher Jones, Kasper Randrup, Sandra Jones, Aaron Kopel, Jonathan Kraft, Tim Kramer, Raj Kumar, Kupe Kupersmith, Michael Lachapelle, FabrÝcio Laguna, Gladys S.W. Lam, Dean Larson, Elizabeth Larson, Kim Lauenroth, Matthew Leach, Evan Leybourn, Michele Maritato, Peter Matthijssen, Margaret May, Helen T. McCullough, Katy McDonald, Kent J. McDonald, Stewart Mednick, Merri Melvin, Ian Mitchell, Mary Sue Moore, Vardhan Mulik, Heather Mylan-Mains, Tom Einar Nyberg, Richard O'Brien, Mercy Obi, Traci Onkst, Radhika Patel, Judith Pavˇn, Randy Pennington, Michael Peters, Simon Pfister, Kiki Plytas, Mihaela Popescu, Bob Prentiss, Penny Pullan, Randy Radic, Raj Ramesh, Luis Ramirez, Adrian Reed, Sheri Rhoades, Clay Richardson, Sharon Richmond, Terry Roach, Nicole Robbins, Michael Rosen, Ronald G. Ross, Alyson Roth, Ronak Sanghavi, Kristin Schroeder, Rebecca Scott, Cindy Scullion, Sandra Sears, Kristen Seer, Phil Short, Cynthia Siewert, Lori Silverman, Jessie Sims, Smriti Sinha, Amy Smith, Michelle Smith, Ken Spokas, Steven Stanton, Doug Stewart, Betsy Stockdale, Elizabeth Strand, Brian Stucky, Martin Sykes, Patrick Talley, Tammy Talley, James Taylor, Michael Taylor, Haydn Thomas, Joy Toney, Kris Torres, Roger Tregear, Ben-Johan van der Walt, Jan Vanthienen, Stephanie Vineyard, Kathleen Walsh, Ryan Welsh, Rainer Wendt, Cheryl Wheeler, Angela Wick, John A. Zachman, Michael zur Muehlen
  • Business and Economics
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Building Business Capability is the only conference that provides insight into Business Analysis, Business Architecture, Business Process, Business Rules, Business Decisions, and Business Strategy and Transformation toward the pursuit of business excellence.
Launched in 2009, this will be the 9th Building Business Capability event. Bringing together professionals concerned with building more capable organizations through the disciplines of business agility, business analysis, business architecture, business decisions, business process management, business rules, business strategy and transformation, BBC explores the latest advances in thinking and techniques. This year’s conference program explores the theme of 'Transformation: Your New Business Reality,' where 130 practical sessions and 36 tutorials are complemented by forward-thinking keynotes.




Time: 8:00 am to 12:30 pm

Registration Fee Details:

Passport Regular: USD 2120
Passport Pre-Show: USD 2320
Passport Onsite: USD 2450
Passport + 2 Day Tutorials Regular: USD 2750
Passport + 2 Day Tutorials Pre-Show: USD 2960
Passport + 2 Day Tutorials Onsite: USD 3060
Passport + 1 Day Tutorials Regular: USD 2430
Passport + 1 Day Tutorials Pre-Show: USD 2650
Passport + 1 Day Tutorials Onsite: USD 2750

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Event Site/VenueLoews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando
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