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  • Tiu de Haan
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This workshop is an interactive introduction to the innate abilities and will give you new ways to look at the world and find unexpected sources of brand new ideas.

Innovation, problem solving, communication and connecting to your audience on deeper levels in today's landscape, creativity plays a vital role in all aspects of the business world. It is the magic ingredient that transforms ideas from good to great and allows the imagination to open up to ever wider horizons. But just how do we access this elusive force?

Creativity isn't some superpower that belongs only to artists, musicians and writers, those mysterious geniuses churning out original ideas. We are all innately creative and have equal access to inspiration it's just that we don't always inhabit an environment that encourages us to exercise the particular muscles that keep that part of ourselves strong, curious and agile.

This workshop is an interactive introduction to the innate abilities we already possess but perhaps haven't tapped into as our personal pot of creative gold, and will give you new ways to look at the world and find unexpected sources of brand new ideas, right in your own backyard.

- Tapping into your innate mastery unlocking the power of your creativity
- Thinking outside the box how to access your limitless imagination
- Finding flow exploring practices to trigger inspiration, fine-tune focus and dissolve distraction

What to expect:
- Clearer understanding of how creative thinking really works
- Better access to the tools you already have but didn't know it
- Inspired practices you can use immediately
- More mastery over your procrastination and how to make it your ally

The session will be lead by Tiu de Haan an Oxford educated celebrant, creative facilitator and writer.

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9:00 am - 11:00 am

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