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Topics to be Covered:

  • Allan Partridge, Boris Letuchy, Clive Jordan, Craig Webber, Dan Polito, Darren Roos, Eric Burk, Frederick Wallitsch, Henry Nutt, Jeremy Klaniecki, John Stebbins, Josh DeStefano, Ken Stuart, Kenneth Wong, Layne Thompson, Lisa Turtutto, Matthew Lohden, Nick Masci, Omar Dandashi, Patrick Duke, Patrick M Casey, Philip Macey, Rebecca Snelling, Rona Rothenberg, Stephen Powell, Susan Klawans, Tim McCurley.
  • Business and Economics
  • Real Estate and Construction.
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Construction clients, designers and contractors are under more pressure than ever to collaborate and integrate project delivery. However most contracts still encourage each organization to think as a silo. The culture required to collaborate and plan ahead is buried in the rush to ‘get on with the job’. Workflows still feel like a baton race. Technology is often poorly integrated or misused.

Advancing Collaborative Project Delivery 2017 will bring together owners, architects, general contractors, trades and other critical project partners, to:

Measuring how collaboration has successfully improved project outcomes
Benchmark delivery method such as IPD, CM at Risk and Design-Build
Share best practices for team setup, design management and job site communication

In addition, interactive sessions and working groups will identify the key barriers to collaboration and brainstorm solutions, with the goal of developing an industry action plan before the end of the conference.


8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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Conference and BIM Workshop: USD 1998,
Conference Only: USD 1699,
BIM Workshop Only: USD 599.

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