Clinical Trial Collaborations - April 9-11, 2018 - Cambridge, MA (description)


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Address:Boston Marriott Cambridge, 50 Broadway Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America 02142
Event dates:4/9/2018 - 4/11/2018 (This event has already taken place)
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  • Murray Abramson, Jennifer Burgess, Jeremy Chadwick, Laura Galuchie, Ken Getz, Yusuf Ghadiali, Ann Hegarty, Jam Kaminski, Mitchell Katz, Kellie Kennon, Tami Klerr, Joseph Kim, Alissa Kugler, Azmi Nabulsi, Murray Stewart, Tomasz Sablinski, Jim Roach, Michelle Shogren, Komathi Stem
  • Science, Health and Medicine / Pharmaceuticals / Clinical
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- 2018 Highlights -

Jay Kaminski, SVP, Global Clinical RandD Operations, Celgene provides a bold and fresh approach to creating a collaborative ecosystem for a 12 month clinical trial!

Dr Jeremy Chadwick, Group VP, Clinical Development Operations, Shire Pharmaceuticals, joins Dr Murray Abramson in a fireside chat to address what it takes to develop strategic relationships between sponsors and vendors that deliver results.


Azmi Nabulsi, MD, Deputy Chief Medical and Scientific Officer, Head of RandD Strategic and Professional Affairs, Takeda together with Tami Klerr, EVP Global Business Development, PRA Health Sciences, talk about how their transformative collaboration is doing a year later.

Michelle Shogren, Portfolio and Operations Innovation Manager, Bayer and Joseph Kim, MBA, Senior Advisor Clinical Innovation, Eli Lilly share their journeys co-collaborating with startups to create pathways and achieve deliverables more effectively.

Virtual Trials

Dr Tomasz Sablinski, Founder, Transparency Life Sciences, and Komathi Stem, MS, Founder, monARC Bionetworks, joined by their sponsor partners will co-presentation on how to collaborate for virtual/semi-virtual clinical trials. They will also be joined by Science 37’s, Marcella Debidda, VP Patient Engagement.


EMD Serono discusses their key strategic partnerships with regulatory agencies and patient associations to take on a high-risk, modern, and efficient late stage clinical trial.

Hear how Ann Hegarty, Executive Director GSMO, CRO Oversight, Allergan and their CRO partner are navigating FDA guidance ICH E6 (R2) using a strategic approach to make their collaboration compliant and effective.

Clinical Research as a Care Option

The movement of integrating clinical research into medical care requires the entire healthcare and clinical research ecosystems to collaborate and advocate for change. Why are clinical trials not typically a care option? How do we create physician champions?



Time: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Pharma and BioTech (includes 3 Attns): USD 2800,
Clinical Service and Technology Providers (includes 3 attns): USD 4750

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