CAR-TCR Summit - Changing Lives with CAR-T And TCR Cell Immunotherapies (description)


Category:Health & Wellness
Address:1 Seaport Lane Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America 02210
Phone:+1 617 455 4188
Event dates:9/4/2018 - 9/7/2018 (This event has already taken place)
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Topics to be Covered:

  • Jmaes Noble
  • Mark Dudley
  • Eric Van Hofe
  • Paul Rennert
  • David Chang
  • Jim Faulkner
  • Jamie Margolis
  • Peter Olagunju
  • Philip Gregory
  • Rick Morgan
  • Andy Philips
  • Jennifer Fillman
  • Steven Kelly
  • Zonghai Li
  • Stefanos Theoharis
  • Andre Choulika
  • David Sourdive
  • Benham Badie
  • Mike Stella
  • Mark Sawicki
  • Charles Sentman
  • Chris Leamon
  • Edmund Pezalla
  • Bijan Nejadnik
  • Cheng Liu
  • Bob Valamehr
  • Jim Beitel
  • Richard Grant
  • Philip Vanek
  • Robert Preti
  • Cameron Durrant
  • Eileen Higham
  • Ali Mohamed
  • Steffen Walter
  • Sean MacKay
  • John Rossi
  • Peter Emtage
  • Yuan Xu
  • Bala Manian
  • Nina Bauer
  • Saad Kenderian
  • Dolores Schendel
  • Isabelle Riviere
  • Boro Dropulic
  • Sadik Kassim
  • James Kochenderfer
  • Steven Feldman
  • Mario Marcondes
  • Rona Singer Weinberg
  • Koji Tamada
  • Rodney Rietze
  • Samuele Butera
  • Therese Choquette
  • Yajin Ni
  • Vita Golubovskaya
  • Scott Ohanesian
  • Barbra Sasu
  • Gary Lee
  • Michael Leek
  • Robert Hofmeister
  • John Connolly
  • John Ellis
  • Usman Azam
  • Thomas Andersen
  • Jeffrey Tice
  • Avery Posey
  • Bruce Levine
  • Carl June
  • David Porter
  • Roderick O' Connor
  • Simon Lacey
  • Miguel Forte
  • Science, Health And Medicine
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Through industry defining, passionate and comprehensive content, the CAR-TCR Summit is dedicated to achieving two main goals:

- Accelerate the discovery, translation and clinical development of more effective and potent CAR-T And TCR therapies for solid tumor indications, exploring innovative technology solutions to overcome genetic engineering, safety, tumor microenvironment and manufacturing scalability challenges.
- Whether pursuing allogeneic or autologous approaches, ensure the accessibility, affordability and logistical delivery of current CAR-T cell therapies to patients in need around the world, defining best practice to overcome regulatory, pricing and reimbursement hurdles.

With two CD19 approved drugs and the space getting increasingly crowded, this year's CAR-TCR Summit will leverage the experience from those leaders first to market, whilst unveiling the next generation technologies and breakthroughs being developed to enhance CAR-TCR efficacy in solid tumor indications.

From discovery through to post-market commercialization, meet over 700 experts from across 35 countries during this 4-day end-to-end bonanza that brings you all you need to know from those you need to know it from.

Not only will senior executives from the leading companies like Novartis, Kite and Juno be joining the conversation but this year we have 34 brand new speakers gracing our stages to discuss with you their novel strategies and pipelines, the key challenges they're facing and the solutions to overcome these.

Become part of a dedicated community striving to deliver "curative" CAR-T And TCR cell therapies to patients in need.


7:00 am to 6:30 pm

Registration Fee Details:

2 Day Conference + Focus Day AND Discussion Day (Drug Developers And Biotech Price): USD 4997.0
2 Day Conference + Focus Day OR Discussion Day (Drug Developers And Biotech Price): USD 3998.0
2 Day Conference (Drug Developers And Biotech Price): USD 2799.0
2 Day Conference + Focus Day AND Discussion Day (Academic Price): USD 3997.0
2 Day Conference + Focus Day OR Discussion Day (Academic Price): USD 2998.0
2 Day Conference (Academic Price): USD 1799.0
2 Day Conference + Focus Day AND Discussion Day (Standard Price): USD 5997.0
2 Day Conference + Focus Day OR Discussion Day (Standard Price): USD 4998.0
2 Day Conference (Standard Price): USD 3799.0

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