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Event dates:9/18/2018 - 9/19/2018 (This event has already taken place)
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Topics to be Covered:

  • Benedikt Friess, Battery Research and Development, Mercedes Benz - Daimler
  • Catherine Girard, Expert Leader Energy and Raw Materials, Groupe Renault
  • Ana Paola Reginatto, European LEAF Product Manager - Electric Vehicles, Nissan Motor Corp
  • Bjarni Freyr, CTO, Fenris Motorcycles
  • Yuan Goa, CEO, Pulead Technology
  • Martin Rheinfurth, Senior Manager Mobility Industry Advocacy and Environmental Policy, BASF
  • Vaneet Kumar, Executive VP and CTO for Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage, ACME
  • Boris Monahov, Programme Manager, Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC) - A Programme of the International Lead Association (ILA)
  • Manfred Limbrunner, CTO, Proton Motor Fuel Cell
  • Katharina Winbeck, Head of Transport, Environment and Infrastructure Policy and Public Affairs Division, London Councils
  • Angela Lee, Manager of Overseas Department, Do-Fluoride Chemicals
  • Antony Harper, Dir, Faraday Battery Challenge, UK Research and Innovation
  • Joseph Beretta, President, AVERE - France
  • Energy and Environment
  • Battery
  • Cars and Vehicles
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The European Commission's aim to reduce fuel emissions by 20% by 2020 - with a view to ending the manufacture of carbon-emitting cars completely may be the biggest issue for your e-mobility strategy. Electric vehicles are key to this, but some in the industry are questioning whether adoption of electric vehicles by a majority of road users is achievable by the commission's deadline. This has led many to ask what alternatives there are, and how the gap between internal combustion engines and mass adoption of electric cars can be bridged.

Join the debate and delve deeper into automotive battery development - from conception to application - at the Argus Batteries in Automotives conference. The event will cover research and development, infrastructure and automotive industry trends. Join cell and cell component manufacturers, battery and battery pack manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers and service and solution providers to map the future of batteries in e-mobility.

Your event highlights:

Drive the move towards electrification through a progressive outlook into future global trends
Listen to live interviews with key stakeholders about projects, prototypes and strategy before the rest of the market
Hear first-hand case studies from local authorities currently implementing low emission schemes
Streamline production to increase supply and cut out costs through guidance on cost-competitive technology
Assess bridging strategies between ICEs and high electrification vehicles
Gather key intelligence on the next generation of batteries

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08:15 to 16:00

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