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Address: London, , United Kingdom W2 1JU
Event dates:7/29/2018 - 7/29/2018 (This event has already taken place)
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Learn to create more revenue and profit for your business.
Let us show you: How to market your own business
We show you: What the most successful businesses are doing
See how others have done it...

During this session we show you:
What business models are working
To save time and money figuring it out yourself
The biggest secrets to success and failure in your business
Learn What the most successful businesses are doing
How to work smart and not hard
The 10 principles of success in business

Paul O'Mahony - Social Media Expert
Sloan Sheridan-Williams - Celebrity Success Coach
Andy Harrington - Professional Speaker
Vince Tan - Business Startup Strategies
Armand Morin - Lifestyle Business Strategy
John Lee - Online Entrepreneur
Vincent Wong - Property Entrepreneur

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Why You Need To Attend:
Most people trade time for money and have been taught to earn a living, but what if there was a way to earn an income without having to work for it. I know this sounds too good to be true and the fact is people are already doing it. It's just you have never been taught these secrets.

Lifestyle Business Convention is about getting a new business off the ground and/or taking your existing business to the next level. This event is where you will get to learn from industry experts who have all started their business from scratch and have taken them to 7 figure businesses.

The goal is to create a business that earns an income for you rather than you working for it. This is known as passive income. There are so many ways to do it and at this next event we will be sharing tried and tested strategies backed up with proof so you know that these strategies work!

By the time you leave the event you will be able to start your own business within 30 days and start getting results for your business.

If you ever wanted to create an income on the side, increase your revenue or transition from a job into a business then this event is perfect for you. Make sure you book your tickets now as this event is always a full house.

Venue Details: To be confirmed in an Email when you have registered, Hilton London, London W2 1JU, United Kingdom.

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10:00 am - 8:00 pm.

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Ticket: GBP 497.0.

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