Annual Summit on Diabetes, Obesity and Heart (description)

"Diabetes Summit"

Category:Cardiology, Diabetology, Medical Sciences, Medical Technology, Medicine, Nursing
Address:Dubai Dubai, , United Arab Emirates 00000
Event dates:12/6/2018 - 12/7/2018 (This event has already taken place)
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Topics to be Covered:

  • Diabetes and its Complications, Obesity and Cancer, Diabetes induced Heart Complications, Endocrine Complications, Paediatric Endocrinology Vs Pediatric Cardiology, Diabetes and Obesity in Children, Diagnosis and Prevention: Diabetes and Heart Diseases, Diabetes and Dental treatment, Cardiovascular Endocrinology, Diabetes in Animals, Genetic link of Diabetes, Obesity and Heart, Eating Disorders, Diabetic Neuropathy and Diabetic Retinopathy, Diabetic/Glycogenic Hepatopathy, Obesity Complications and Management, Obesity and Associated Health Disorders, Diabetes and Cardiac Nursing, Diabetes and Heart Monitoring Management, Biomarkers: Diabetes, Obesity and Heart, Case Studies in Diabetes and Heart, Diabetes - Surgery and Transplantation, Obesity and Maternal Fetal Medicine, Diabetes and Skin problems, Research and Development in Diabetes, Obesity and Heart
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Diabetes Research


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Contact Person:Jennifer Park
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