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Contact:Ms. Trisha OHehir
Mailing Address: 3225 W. Northstar Drive, Tucson, Arizona, United States of America 85741
findCE GPA: 4.00 (maximum = 4.0)
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Dental Hygiene

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Recent Engagements:

  • 2001 Greater Denver Dental
  • 2001 Yankee Dental
  • 2001 Spokane District Dental Society
  • 2001 Northwest Technical College WI
  • 2001 Italian Periodontal Society
  • 2001 Washington State Dental Association
  • 2001 RDH Under One Roof Denver CO
  • 2001 International Federation for Dental Hygienists Australia
  • 2001 North Dakota Dental Hygienists Association
  • 2001 South Carolina Dental Hygienists Association
  • 2001 Vermont Dental Hygienists Association
  • 2001 Graham Seminars Sonoma Valley
  • 2002 Cosmetic Dentistry 2000
  • 2002 Ohio Dental Hygienists Association
  • 2002 European Society of Dental Hygienists
  • 2002 Discus Dental Extravaganza
  • 2002 Washington State Dental Association
  • 2002 RDH Under One Roof Chicago
  • 2002 Dallas Excel Study Group
  • 2002 Oklahoma Dental Hygienists Association
  • 2002 Pennsylvania Dental Hygienists Association
  • 2002 Northern Arizona Dental Hygiene Society
  • 2002 The Big Island Study Club
  • 2003 Yankee Dental Congress
  • 2003 RDH Under One Roof Las Vegas
  • 2003 University of Louisville
  • 2003 Long Beach Dental Hygiene Society
  • 2003 People Without Perio Wellness Workshop
  • 2003 Lane County Periodontal Study Club
  • 2003 The Texas Meeting
Speaker 's Fees:$2501 to $5000
Length of presentation:1 hour, half day, full day
Travels From:Tucson, Arizona
Travel Limits:
Target Audience:Dental Hygienists
AV Requirements:LCD Projector
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Airfare: yesHotel: yes
Food: yesMileage: no


Trisha received degrees in Dental Hygiene and Higher Education from the University of Minnesota. Her 37-year career includes roles as clinician in the USA and Zurich, Switzerland, faculty at the Universities of Minnesota, Washington and Arizona, international speaker, Consulting Editor for RDH Magazine, Editor of Perio Reports Newsletter, co-founder of the Perio-Data™ Company, instrument designer and inventor. She has authored the best selling cartoon book, The Toothpaste Secret, based on her clinical research; the textbook Compendium of Current Research; contributed to the texts Comprehensive Dental Hygiene Care, by Irene Woodall; and Comprehensive Periodontics for the Dental Hygienist. She's published over 170 articles bridging the gap between published research and clinical practice. Articles have appeared in RDH, JDH, JPH, Access, and JADA. Among her numerous awards are the Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Minnesota, and the Warner-Lambert/ADHA Excellence in Dental Hygiene Award. Trisha currently resides in Arizona, where she is a Past-President of the Arizona State Dental Hygienists' Association.

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