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Mailing Address:, Colbert, Washington, United States of America 99005-9794
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Terry Canfield is uniquely qualified to talk about life, death and many things in between. He has been a Paramedic and Firefighter for over twenty years; that's more than four times the life expectancy of a Paramedic. Terry has been involved with Ski Patrol, Dive Rescue, Hazardous Materials, High/Low Angle and Confined Space Rescue. He even delivered his own daughter at home! During this time Terry has worked for Private, Governmental, and Public Organizations. Terry has been an Instructor and Instructor Trainer for two decades.

These experiences have given Terry a most interesting perspective on real life and death issues and how they affect almost every other aspect of our lives. Terry's humor has been one of his "secret weapons" for surviving so long. You see, Terry drove school bus for four years... he's still in therapy! His counselor suggested he would be happier if he found something less stressful so he decided to take up Fire Fighting and Emergency Medicine. His counselor was right!

Now Terry wants to help people a roomful at a time and prior to the crisis! He has written "From D.E.S.P.A.I.R. To P.R.A.I.S.E.D" a book on emotional management, " for Success!" a system for setting and reaching goals and "R.I.S.K. 100 tips for Reaping Reward and Reducing Regret!" Contact Terry now for more information!

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