Beth Thompson RDH, BS (bio)

Dental Management and Educational Consultant

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Mailing Address: 6059 Sabal Creek Blvd., Port Orange, Florida, United States of America 32128
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Dear Beth, On behalf of the MSDHA I would like to thank you for your dynamic presentation on February 7, at MTI Lakewood Ranch Campus. The comments were all postitive and many hygienists said that this program was the BEST they ever attended! It was indeed refreshing to have an entire program that focused on practical clinical solutions to provide the best in patient care. As hygienists we are always looking for those "new nuggets" of information that we can share with our patients. You provided us with many useful ideas that can be realistically implemented in every day practice. We would very much like to invite you to participate in other programs in the future. Our goal as an organization is to support the views of ADHA and FDHA in promoting higher educational standards for Registered Dental Hygienists, provide increased access to Preventive Oral Healthcare, Broaden the Scope of Practice for Dental Hygienists and Promoting Oral Health as a Part of Total Health. Thank you again for your excellent presentation! Best Regards, Fran Lane RDH, Sec. MSDHA" February 12, 2003
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Dentistry, Dental Hygiene

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  • Good Vibrations
  • Dynamic Oral Care Therapies
Speaker 's Fees:Unspecified
Length of presentation:1-6 hours
Travels From:Port Orange, FL
Travel Limits:none
Target Audience:Dental Hygienists
Target Audience - Other:Dentists
AV Requirements:LCD, cordless microphone, flipchart, screen, 6
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Food: yesMileage: no
Other:corporate funded


This year Beth celebrates 28 years as an RDH. She owns The Dental Connection consulting services, and currently serves as the Editor in Chief for Contemporary Oral Hygiene. Her career has been multifaceted in clinical dental hygiene, education and sales management. She is a graduate of Indiana University, and Past President of the Indiana Dental Hygienist's Association.

Beth has written and presented dental continuing education courses for the past 23 years. She has worked for Scherer Labs, developing the Gel Kam product line and sales team, the John O. Butler Company as Director of Dental Education, initiated the sonicare's sales force for Optiva Corp, and serves as an educational consultant for manufacturers of ultrasonic scaling equipment. Through the Dental Connection, Beth offers practice management consulting services to the dental industry and private practices, as well as designing educational and marketing solutions for new diagnosis and treatment products.

Clinical practice has remained stimulating for Beth as non surgical perio treatment protocols have become the standard of practice and therapeutic advancements have allowed for individualized care delivery with predicable successful results. Combined with the public's and medical provider's heightened awareness of oral disease and the care options available we are treating more knowledgeable and sophisticated patients. Early disease detection, ultrasonic oral disinfection, power homecare products, site specific and systemic products offer clinicians and patients tools to manage periodontal disease virtually pain free and most often without surgery. As oral care therapists, we are able to partner with our patients to co-diagnose, co-treatment plan and mutually enjoy healthy management of dental illness.

In connecting with dental health professionals, Beth's goal is to encourage comfortable implementation of new technology and practice standards, which will elevate the level of dental health care delivery. One of Beth's favorite things to do is to share with her colleague’s methods to keep our profession both exciting and rewarding.

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