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Contact:Dr. Ashley Goodman
Mailing Address: 8736 Lake Murray #108, San Diego, California, United States of America 92119
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Travels From:San Diego, California USA
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Target Audience:Dentists
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Summary C.V.:

Graduate Howard University, College of Dentistry ( 1969 )
National Periodontology Award ( 1969 )
Walter Reed Army Hospital Post-Graduate training in :
Periodontology, Oral Surgery, Oral Diagnosis and Therapeutics,
American Cancer Society Fellow Externship at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Institute / Hospital
Service with the United States Public Health Service ( 1969 - 1971 )
Licensed to practice dentistry in California ( 1969 )
General Dentistry practice in San Diego area ( 1971 )

Member of the following :
Omicron Kappa Upsilon (National Dental Honor Society)
American Dental Association
California Dental Association
San Diego County Dental Society
Academy of General Dentistry
Academy of Laser Dentistry
World Clinical Laser Institute
S. C. A. D. A. (Clinicians of the American Dental Association)
Oral Cancer Society of the American Cancer Society
Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity
International Society of Hypnosis
American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Fellow
Diplomate, American Board of Hypnosis In Dentistry, Vice-President
San Diego Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Fellow, Past-President
American College of Forensic Examiners
Diplomate, American Board of Forensic Dentistry
San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office Dental Identification Team

Former Regional Dental Consultant, San Diego, AEtna Insurance Co.
Former member of the “Dentist Advisory Council” CNA Insurance Co., Dental Professional Liability Division
Guest Lecturer, U.C.S.D. Medical School
A.S.C.H. Regional Workshop Faculty, Fellow, Certified and Approved Consultant, "Award of Merit"
Dental Materials Consultant, Caulk-Dentsply Co., Inc.
Consultant, Cyberdent Co., Inc.
Consultant, Dentistry.Com

Dental Forensics:
Diplomate, American Board of Forensic Dentistry

I am a practicing general dentist in the San Diego area since 1971 and act as a consultant, technical investigator, and expert witness for several attorneys and insurance companies since 1982, mainly in the dental malpractice and personal injury/workmen’s compensation fields. I am board certified as a “Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Dentistry” and a member of the American College of Forensic Examiners.

I review cases from a technical perspective and enumerate their strong and weak elements. At the attorney’s discretion, I provide instruction necessary for understanding of the specialized aspects of a case for the attorney, jury, etc. Specific questions for witnesses can be recommended for use during deposition / hearing / trial; including areas of anticipated inquiry by opposing parties. Deposition transcript page / line summaries, Independent Dental Exams and reports, written and verbal, are available.

Most of my background research is facilitated by computer searching all relevant databases at the National Library of Medicine, other medical/dental databases, and most major news services. Additionally, I utilize the Special Reference Library at the American Dental Association. These sources provide the bulk of my supporting evidence for testimony about the relevant Standard-of-Care, acceptable techniques, materials, opinions, etc., of the organized published profession during specified time periods. I also possess and utilize “AcuCam”TM high resolution extra / intraoral macrovideo imaging, photography, FAX, computer based FAX, text / graphic scanning and editing, and word-processing / desktop publishing facilities for my reports and case evaluations.

Clinical Hypnosis:
Diplomate, American Board of Hypnosis In Dentistry, Vice-President

Ashley A. Goodman, D.D.S. is a general dentist in private practice in San Diego, California, and an international educator in the fields of hypnosis and dentistry. He utilizes hypnosis, with a variety of induction techniques on a frequent, regular basis for his patients and referrals.

Dr. Goodman is a previous American Society of Clinical Hypnosis "Representative At Large For Dentistry," Executive Board, Ethics Chairperson, Long Range Planning, Budget and Finance, Liaison, and Membership Committee member, an ASCH Certified and Approved Consultant, and ASCH Fellow, presented with the ASCH "Award of Merit" 2001. He has participated on the Board of Governors, national workshop faculty, Education, and Student Relations Committees, and Committee on Dentistry. He is also a past president, executive committee member, and a Fellow of the local San Diego Society of Clinical Hypnosis component Additionally, he is a diplomat, board certified in hypnosis by The American Board of Hypnosis in Dentistry for which he now serves as vice-president.

Some of his dental affiliations include membership in Omicron Kappa Upsilon (National Dental Honor Society), American Dental Association, and San Diego County Dental Society, Academy of General Dentistry and Alpha Omega. He is on the staff of several local hospitals and serves as an expert witness, technical investigator, and consultant in the field of dentistry. He is also a diplomat, board certified with the American Board of Forensic Dentistry/American College of Forensic Examiners.

The clinical use of hypnosis for dentistry is mainly for the following purposes:

Behavior Modification
Relaxation, Anxiety Control
Fear Elimination
Quelling Undesirable Habits, Tongue Thrust, Reverse Swallowing, TMJ Dysfunction, Bruxism, Clenching
Analgesia, Anesthesia, Pain Control
Prevention of Gagging and Nausea
Control of Saliva and Bleeding
Creative visualization for healing
Restorative Appliance Tolerance, Pretreatment Desensitization
Self-image, Self-esteem, and Confidence

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