Dr. Bud Sipko (bio)

Relevant material delivered with humour.

Contact:Dr. Bud Sipko
Mailing Address: 7580 River Road #280, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada V6X 1X6
Phone:604 270-1341
FAX:604 278-6864
findCE GPA: 3.81 (maximum = 4.0)
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Fields of Interest:

Dentistry, Management, Marketing and Communication

Recent Engagements:

  • New Jersey Dental Forum January 9 2004
  • Vancouver Pankey Study Club September 2004
  • Vancouver & District Dental Society January 2005
  • Straumann Canada Kamloops BC January 2005
Speaker 's Fees:$2501 to $5000
Length of presentation:One day
Travels From:Vancouver, BC Canada
Travel Limits:None
Target Audience:Dentists
AV Requirements:Data Projector, Lavalier microphone
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Airfare: yesHotel: yes
Food: noMileage: no


Graduating with a DDS in 1969, Bud has practiced in Richmond BC for 35 years. He is a student of dentistry and the human condition, having associated himself with the Gallup Organization since 1982.In 1980 he created the Vancouver Seminar for Dentistry a CDE group that hosted dentistry and professional development experts for 20 years. He was a Teaching Assistant at LDPI in Key Biscayne until 2005, and has been lecturing for the Straumann Implant Corporation since 2003. He mentors three study clubs in Vancouver thoughout the year and has lectured in Europe, Australia and North America.

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