Cerec(tm) 3D tips and tricks: Nassau, Bahamas (description)

"Cerec 3D - the path to predictability in single visit cad/cam restorations"

Address:Sheraton Grand Hotel Nassau, , Bahamas
Event dates:11/7/2003 - 11/8/2003 (This event has already taken place)
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Advancing the knowledge of the Cerec(tm) system... by real users, for real users.


Topics to be Covered:

  • Dr. Michael Hodish, Dr. Dirk Ostermann
  • -3D- basic operation
  • powdering
  • -3D- advanced tips and tricks
  • -Cerec as a departure from conventional dentistry- impossible prep designs that they did not teach you in dental school - things that only work with bonded porcelain
  • - A design strategy that works every time... a systematic approach to creating preps that the material and the computer are happy with, and selecting the best design and milling mode to suit
  • A full explanation of endo mode...what it does, why to use it.
  • -The too high proposal problem
  • -Full explanation of all the new editing tools. Get the most out of them.
  • -Esthetic Cerec: A predictable method for confidently creating veneers and anterior crowns.-Optical impressions: What is a good one? Criteria for deciding what to take, and how many. How to bias these decisions, and what is the thought process behind it.
  • -Parameters- review of what they do, and why there is no single "right setting"
  • Troubleshooting
Organizer phone:203 849 1776
Offering type:Seminar
Event frequency:Never
First Meeting:2003
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Target audience:Dentists
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Announcing an INDEPENDENT Cerec (tm) course in Nassau. The course will focus on Cerec 3- 3D, on Saturday, 8 November, in Nassau. Speakers will be Dr. Michael Hodish (International Society for Computerized Dentistry Certified Trainer), and Dr. Dirk Ostermann, Cerec expert of Hannover, Germany. The cost is US$650 per person, and $200 per auxiliary For full details, email mhcerec (AT)


Friday 4pm - 9pm... informal chat session. Problem cases can be brought and reviewed on computer.

Saturday 9-4, seminar

Registration Fee Details:

The cost is US$650 per person, and $200 per auxiliary, (with or without
doctor. Fee includes lunch and coffee breaks, not
room, breakfast, or dinner.

Other items that tuition includes:

Lunch and break snacks.

Travel and hotel arrangements:

The meeting will be at the Sheraton Grand Hotel. Rooms are currently available at US$129 (single or double), + 12% tax. Travel agent Ted Reigel has been very helpful in assembling this, and because of how it all came together, stands to gain little, so it would be nice if we gave him as much of our hotel booking business if we could. He knows of the web deals he has to compete against, and is helpful and savvy. He is in Wilton, CT (New York time), and can be reached at +1-203-762-3328, or by fax at +1-203-834-0137. IT IS NOT REQUIRED TO STAY AT THE CONVENTION HOTEL.  
Contact Person:Dr. Michael Hodish
Organizer Address 1454 Main Avenue
Organizer CityNorwalk
Organizer State: (US)Connecticut
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Organizer Zip or Postal Code06851
Organizer CountryUnited States of America
Organizer Phone203 849 1776
Organizer Fax630-604-2151
Structural makeupIndividual
Host Sponsor; Other SponsorsNone
Event Site/VenueSheraton Grand Hotel, Nassau, Bahamas
Event sold out?No
Multiple locations or dates?No
Peripherally organized activities:The event has been put in you can organize your own play...but we have not included it, so as to keep the core cost of the event low.
Statistics available for most recent event held in:2003
Average number in event attendance of:Dentists
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Target BoundariesInternational
Refund Policy:Non-refundable
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Do you have additional written or AV materials for sale?Yes
If so, are they available for non-attendees as well as those attending?No
Details:3 hours of DVD covering (1) Intro to Cerec(tm): What is it, is it for me? (2) Unusual posterior cases in Cerec. (3) Anterior crowns and veneers in Cerec.
Is full tuition necessary to ensure registration?Yes
Details:Credit card submitted via fax is the preferred method, for security reasons. Email may be used, at your own risk.
Will there be shuttle service available?NA
Are there any particular aspects of your conference that you consider unique to your field?This is a unique seminar run by 2 very experienced clinicians, and NOT accompanied by the high financial overhead of some of the organizations surrounding Cerec(tm)... so you can come and learn, without spending a fortune. Cerec (tm) dentists tend to be an interesting group...come join the fun, and learn!

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