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Free thinking orator to challenge your thoughts?

Contact:Mr. T. Russell Benedict
Mailing Address: 21 Yellowpine Lane, Boise, Idaho, United States of America 83716
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"He made me think about things that I'd never considered before..."
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Thorn Creek Conference Center & Youth Ranch

Most Requested Topics/Programs:

  • Pro-life & life-affirming subjects
  • life skills
  • internet and e-commerce

Recent Engagements:

  • Nampa Christian High School Chapel Service Nampa Idaho January 21 2004
  • monthly lectures at Ekklasia Christian School in Eagle Idaho
Length of presentation:15-45 minutes each session, depending, can also do seminars/conferences
Travels From:Boise, Idaho
Travel Limits:Worldwide
Target Audience:Any
AV Requirements:occasionally powerpoint projector
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I grew up in Boise, Idaho, the oldest of 4 kids. We had a good family, and we played hard together. This included lots of camping, lots of experiences, and lots of love. I can never fault my parents for that, that they always made sure we always experienced life, tried out new activities, and watched out for each other. They also taught us to love God. But we canoed, we camped, we rafted, we did everything. And we even lived in South America for 2 years out in the jungle, where my dad went to wire up a hospital for World Radio Missionary Fellowship. In response to everyone's questions, yes, I had a pet monkey, yes, I had a pet parrot, and yes, we swang on vines in the jungle for fun *laughter*. And yes, I have the photos to prove it all too :-) .

In college, I enjoyed life, maybe a touch too much *chuckle*. I attended LeTourneau College my Freshman year studying Computer Science Engineering, and my Sophmore and Junior years at Master's College in California studying music and Youth Ministries. Each summer I returned home to Boise, Idaho to counsel at Camp Maranatha in Warm Lake Valley, a Christian camping minstry run by a gruop of churches in the greater Boise area.

After dropping out of college to take a breather, I moved to Oklahoma, back in with my parents, and helped them out a little bit with the drug and alchol treatment program they ran, developed lots of cool friendships at the local university, and taught high school for a year at the local Christian school. Also began to develop a new ability to plan and coordinate events.

Then I moved to Siloam Springs, Arkansas for several years, where I attended John Brown University, joined the worship team at a local church playing the synthesizer, and worked in heavy construction. Learned lots there too, and really enjoyed myself. Made lots of friends there also, and got into rock climbing, rappelling, spelunking, and similar extreme sports. All the while, I continued to return to Boise to counsel at camp each summer.

After that, I decided to go back to college for my senior year to try to finish up, attending Drake Univeristy studying Business Information Systems (earned 24 credits in one semester *groan*), while also working 30 hours a week as an PC tech intern, and driving back and forth to Oklahoma every other weekend. That is one semester I'd rather not repeat *sad chuckle*. It wore me out! Then after getting married, I moved back to Boise to start a family.

Living back in the Boise area over the next 7 years has had lots of good experience for me. Volunteered time off and on with a local Pro-life group, and began planning and coordinating some big events for them. Worked at Hewlett Packard as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer for several years (fancy name for a certified PC Tech), worked as a programmer, taught several more years of High School at a local Christian High School, worked as a writer and editor, fixed Appliances for awhile, wired houses, dabbled in residential construction some more, ran for city council and sat on the town of Star's city council for two years, played guitar on a local church worship team, eventually got my real estate license to practice real estate, and began to volunteer time at a local Children's home just to learn how to run a children's home, from the inside out (still working there some). You might say that I had fingers in lots of pies, and interests in many areas *grin*. And I draw on them all when speaking...

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