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Contact:Mr. Eric Dunn
Mailing Address: 6750 Antioch Ste 103, Merriam, Kansas, United States of America 66204
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Coffman Group

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Sales, Success
Speaker 's Fees:$10001 to $15000
Length of presentation:Maximum Day
Travels From:Kansas City, Missouri
Travel Limits:none
Target Audience:Any
AV Requirements:
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Airfare: yesHotel: yes
Food: yesMileage: yes
Other:Day Rate


Casey Coffman

In just seven short years, Casey Coffman has led the Coffman Group from a one-person operation serving a handful of clients, to a team of six professionals in two locations serving a "Who's Who" of local, regional, and national clients of all sizes and industries.

Before starting The Coffman Group in 1996, Coffman spent 14 years in upper management sales and marketing positions with companies like Epson, Zenith Data Systems, and Datastorm Technologies. There he sold products, led sales teams, and conducted training. He was a rising star, but discovered his real passion was in understanding how and why sales teams failed, how sales processes were effective, and what it really took to create a superstar sales force.

Today, he blends his own experiences with nationally proven training and evaluation tools from The Sandler Sales Institute, Objective Management Group, and TTI International, to teach a unique brand of sales training and personal development. It's so unique - and so engaging - that Coffman closes his own prospects at a rate that would make most salespeople green with envy. To him, it's just living proof that the techniques he teaches work.

His expertise and knowledge of why companies donít hit their goals has also led to a rapidly growing management training and executive coaching component of Coffman Groups business, where he helps CEOs and executives clarify strategies and "get out their own way". His motto is "if you íre not growing, your company isnít growing".

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