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How I got to record... (scroll down to view lyrics)

I was thinking about a gift to give to my friends overseas this summer and thought of recording and how fun that would be to just put some of my stuff I'd written on a CD. It was really just a small thought and maybe a hope for the future, but, I believe Jesus likes to see me smile, so I told Him it would really make my day. Three days later, a guy I met in a camp at A&M heard me sing a couple of my songs when we were just sitting around and asked me if I would ever want to record. Of course I said that I'd absolutely love to, but God would have to do it because I don't have the money or anything. Then he went on to tell me that he worked at a studio on campus and could do whatever I had for free! I nearly screamed I was so excited! So, being absolutely amazing, Matt Lawrence did all the recording and mixing for me. Although we didn't really get to finish it yet, he's put in what seems like millions of hours to help me out. It was tons of fun and I hope to do it again sometime in the future! Thank you Matt for all your incredible work, Michael for your rhythm and harmony, Amy for gorgeous viola and Mommy for letting me stay in College Station a little longer to get more done on it!


In sixth grade, one of my friends asked why I read my bible. At the time, I wasn't quite sure because I didn't really long for it, or feel huge stuff when I opened it. But quite awhile later, when I noticed that it was sort of habit to turn to it pretty often; I realized that that was just my reaction in dealing with life, I would turn to the truth. I wasn't sure why until I noticed that my mom had the same pattern. This song is for her. Thanks mom for showing me what to do and pointing me to Him. By the way, your temper has gotten a lot calmer since then. When I went to Africa for the first time, she told me that Psalm 91 had been her chapter for me, so that's where the chorus is from.


This was a poem I wrote when I was sick of time and how it dictates my relationship with Jesus. For example: "I'm going to spend time with Jesus once a day", "I'll pray for two hours", or "It's morning, I need to start the day with Jesus." I want to just spend forever with Him and have no constraints like minutes, hours, days or years. So, the poem turned into this song.

East to West

Traveling alone overseas magnifies your relationship with Jesus. It was exciting and beautiful when Jesus and I walked close, told secrets, and laughed together. When someone tried to hurt me to take my purse in Nairobi, He used angels to stop them. Then we danced together as our passion for one another met in the jungles of Congo, but cried when there were scary times of homesickness and sorrow for what devastation I saw. And the one thing I always tell people that "missions" does is make creation tremble when faced with the reality of the Creator.


The one day I cried in Africa in 2002 was in Congo when I saw where a volcano had destroyed a city two months before, and lava was as far as I could see. Standing in Goma, completely surrounded by street children and widows, tears streamed down as my questions rose, Why?... This beloved country has been, and still is in war over tribal/religious/political issues and they are being killed off by this, the HIV virus, starvation/malnutrition and volcanoes. The destruction I'd seen had been covered two weeks after I left by another eruption from the same volcano. When you see naked toddlers climbing out of a sunken cathedral whose second story window is now at ground level, teenagers the size of my nine-year old sisters who talk about running feet in front of lava before it flowed over there favorite tree, boys with machine guns who hold onto hatred so tight you can see it in their eyes, your faith has a much greater tendency to waver as anger wells up inside and fairness is obliterated. I didn't talk much that day and wrote this song in minutes right when I reached my guitar that night. One of those times you can't express what you feel and the words follow thoughts that have just taken over.


This song started as a joke pointing towards myself and many of my friends who have had junk happen in their lives. (Micah, Erin, Janet, April, Stacy, Barbi, Tommy, Bill, Kristina, and Mau). Serious and ridiculously meaningless, stuff happens in this fallen world we live in. The interesting thing is how we all deal with what's put on out plate. We distract ourselves, run away from our "problems" and numb ourselves to the hurt that is inside. Everyone's got their own way of handling their issues (I have quite a few). Big bad things or little insignificant things, we turn to both and come up short of the true satisfaction we are longing for. I sure waste a lot of time.


The name is from Psalm 119 where all the words are taken from. I wrote this in tears last winter when I had to let go of someone I really cared about. I
could have tried to control a situation that I knew was easily about to hurt me, but I had to force myself to deny my jealous nature. Through grace from the Holy Spirit, my soul was quieted and David's words in this song were exactly what I was feeling. Completely depending on my Savior to rescue me and do only what's best for me, this was a rare time when I actually followed Him as He gently led me. I can just picture Him dragging me along by my little hand as I'm mouthing about wanting to know and understand, but all the while feeling sorry for myself and doubting His goodness. He loves me though.

The Harvest

I've always felt pressure to "evangelize" and my motivation has been a lot of fear. One day I read in Matthew 9 that Jesus said to "ask the Lord of the Harvest" to send out workers, and this really hit me that it's not about how many people I tell about Jesus, it's about Him sending out His own and drawing more unto Himself. Kind of common sense, but it was a big thing for me.


Pretty depressing time this past semester when I did not feel close to my Savior even though I knew He was pursuing me, I kept slamming the door on Him. Though I'm alive in Him forever, this song led to thoughts of so many Juliets who have not noticed/accepted/found their Romeo. Your Romeo is Jesus. You were made to be His lover. Just read Song of Solomon.


This was the first song I ever wrote on guitar (probably pretty obvious). I had just turned sixteen and was excited about knowing Jesus and how He was growing me. Ever since I can remember, I've heard that, as a lover of Jesus I'm supposed to have a "quiet time" with Him. In the past few years I've learned that it doesn't really have to be so quiet, but throughout elementary school, I vividly remember trying to be still and know that He is God. Somewhere in my years of devotion to Care Bears, I really did picture heaven that way. I mean, if heaven is better than I can imagine, it has to be as great as, or perhaps even greater than beautiful Carolot. There were many nights of doubt when I would be left alone with my thoughts while trying to fall asleep, but He was wooing me all the time. He still is.

He Wants You

Starting out as an encouragement to myself on a bad day, this song ended in thoughts for one of my best friends - Janet (who often reminds me that He wants me). We have to remember that we are loved, and longed for by our Creator. Why would He make us if He didn't want to hang out and love on us? By the way, that's Michael Minor on jim-beh and Matt with keyboard.

Some Days

This was inspired by a conversation with Barbi, who was discussing her disagreement in how everyone thinks badly of Martha. I'm not fully like Mary or Martha, and I don't want to be either - lately I've thought a lot about how so much in the bible is about balance; a time for this, a season for that; and I want to be known as getting my set of scales from the only balanced Master.


A beautiful thing, security
When you were all I'd ever need
You held me in your arms for the first time. You'd love me everyday
Nothin' in the world would get in the way, but you knew better than that
You said...

Rest in the shadow of Him
He'll be your fortress everything
He's who you trust and He'll save you from the rest.
He'll cover you with His feathers
Let you dance under His wing
He'll shield you from the dark
And catch the arrows that fly by day.

When I made you scream and you pulled your hair,
The cabinets slammed and barked trees went bare.
I'd come out of hiding to check on you
And it'd always be the same
On face with your hands spread out, makeup ran down.
But under your head when ya looked at me
That book was always there,
And you said to...

Then came a day when ya made me scream,
I told my pillow it didn't talk back so I tried what I had seen.
I was tender headed, the cabinets were locked the trees were outside,
I looked up on my little pink shelf and I pulled out my book
Cause you'd said...

I left you for the first time a few years ago
To go far, far away for Jesus.
You smiled through your tears, I left and I knew you called to me...You said...

Tryin' real hard to be grown up but the arrows still come.
I fall, I screw up, I lose myself who will I become?
Somethin' inside me whispers when I'm scared of the dark;
Cries out to me and I remember...You said...


Time stand still and let me fall into the other side of me
A timeless one who calls my name, the one solely known by He
You rant and you rave with beeps and tolls, your cries to no avail
My master, you see, knows not you so at the end; you fail

You show me spring; you tick past summer fall and winter
But oh the loss when death takes hold and puts you at the center
Your beauties mesh, your painting color mixed by one
Putting me in you to give me sense even though you will soon be done

Oh glorious day when you can't persuade, can't lure me through you to Him
When forever's understood and my spirit is free
I won't think of you, you won't be a filter; a block from my love to His own
Oh Timeless come in power; take from me these hands to make you known.

East to the West

Today I saw you smile
You saw me smile too
All alone just me
And then there's you
Today you're my buddy
Today you're my friend
Walking right beside me
Hand in hand

From the East to the West the sun rolls on and on and on and on
Everyday I find a different side of you
And from the East to the West the sun rolls on and on and on and on
Everyday I start, I have to look for you

Today you stepped in front
Stood like a wall
Angels gathered 'round me
Made sure I didn't fall
Today you're my guardian
Today you're my shield Forever my protector
Make me yield.

Well today we danced
You swung me 'round
And we danced
That's all we did
We just danced
My Jesus, thank you for
My day of dance!

Today I cried to you
Oh, I wanted you real near,
I felt your arms around me
Then you wiped away my tear
Today you're my father
Today you're my dad
With you here it's all perfect
How could I feel bad?

Today I trembled
To my knees I fell
Amazed by your glory
You reign so well
Today you're my savior
Today you're my king
Bathed in beauty
You are everything!

Every single day I see you
Every day I look all around for you
My God, my God - I found you!


They've heard mountains crumble
They've felt volcanoes rumble

They're people are dying
Their children are crying
Son says, "the war's ending"
Mom says, "stop pretending"

They've watched their leaders stumble
They've seen their own lives tumble

But they'll stay strong
All the day long
Don't know when they'll eat
But they're used to defeat cause...

They've heard mountains crumble
They've felt volcanoes rumble

God, why not me?
Why am I free?
Is this really your plan?
Please help me understand cause...

I've not heard mountains crumble
And I've not felt volcanoes rumble

When their river runs dry
They don't ask why
But when I have an empty cup
Waiter, hurry up

They've watched their leaders stumble
They've seen their own lives tumble

Well I know they're in your hand
And I know that it's your plan
Just let me know your there
Let me see you care cause...

They know it's only you
Who makes mountains...crumble.


He left for war two days ago
She found her test results in the mail
Your best friend's gettin' married
But I can't think clearly, 'cause my heart's still healin' from the last time that it fell.

Everything in this big ol' world keeps fallin'
Hittin' walls, swimmin' upstream, find a cliff
And we start callin' too...

A CD with Al Green on the cover
80's movie trivia
Make a plan to travel the world tomorrow
Look at your galaxy on paper
Go back to Taylor your beautiful X
Learn to play the diggerie-doo
Do your hair and nails five times a day
Driving aimlessly but stopping for ice cream...too...

His car broke down third time this week
Ya found a pink slip there again
She walked in and her roommate screams
And there's always someone who'll shine light on all your sin

Their bright green beta fish just died
Dad doesn't smile at those grades
The best letter ya write doesn't sound like you
He was the next in line for the free stuff
Ya see your pretty keys through the window
We check off everything on our list, and there's more to do.

And there's always somethin' that'll get ya down
There's always somethin' ya can't run around
Everybody's gonna call to somethin'
Who ya gonna call to?


I am laid low in the dust
Preserve my life, according to your word
I recounted my ways, and you answered me
Teach me your decrees

For I have chosen the way of truth
I have set my heart on your laws
I hold fast to your statutes, Oh Lord
Don't let me be put to shame.

Let me understand the teachings of your precepts
Let me understand your teachings
Then I will meditate, meditate on your wonders
Meditate on you

For I run in the path of your commands
I run in the path of your commands
For you have set my

My soul is weary with sorrow
Ya, my soul is weary with sorrow
Strengthen me, according to your word
Keep me from deceitful ways

For I run in the path of your commands
For you have set my heart free
Ya, I run in the path of your commands
For you have set my heart free!

The Harvest

Teaching, preaching, healing
He went from town to town kneeling
When he came upon a crowd
Compassion overflowed
...came down

To the helpless and harnessed
The sheep without a shepherd
The helpless and harnessed
Sheep without a shepherd

He said, "the harvest is plentiful"
Ya, the harvest is plentiful
But the workers, oh, the workers... are few

Cause they are helpless and harnessed
They're sheep without a shepherd
There's so many helpless and harnessed
Sheep with no shepherd

Ask the Lord of the Harvest
He said, "ask the Lord of the Harvest"
To send out workers
Workers to the field
Send out workers

Go to the helpless and harnessed
Sheep with no shepherd
Helpless and harnessed
Like sheep without a shepherd

I want to say thank you to a worker
Who let God send you out
Thank you dear workers
For letting God send you out

To those helpless and harnessed
The sheep without a shepherd
I'm no longer helpless and harnessed
A sheep without my shepherd

The harvest is plentiful
The workers are few
Let's worship the Lord of the harvest
Go out all of you!
...all of us...


There was a knock at the door.
I could hear the raindrops fallin'.
Beat up slippers and a glass o' wine,
I got outta bed crawlin'.
Flipped off the news,
It's about war, poverty, killin' anyway.
There's battles in my mind.
Watchin' others' takes it all away.
Cause I'm a...

Dyin' Juliet.
Dyin' Juliet.
A dyin' Juliet.
I'm a dyin' Juliet.

I always hated my name.
Who was I anyway?
No Romeo ever fit.
I knew the problem; I was it.
My hand on the knob;
It was cold, but it turned.
The rain, now snow white shocked
The beauty of the man who knocked.
He said...
Delivery for Juliet.
I got a delivery for Juliet.
Delivery for Juliet.
Your delivery Miss Juliet.

I said, "Ya that's me.
Where do I sign?
What box o' meds is this?
I gotta few kinds."
The way he said my name,
I felt I heard it there before.
He said, "It's a gift from your admirer."
Then I slammed the door.
I heard...
My dear Juliet.
Dear Juliet.
You're my dear Juliet
Come out dear Juliet.
His footsteps faded.
I drank myself to sleep.
Unreachable dreams;
Ones I could never keep.

The next day..
A knock at the door;
My hand was on the knob.
One glimpse of his beauty
Then slammin' did it's job.
Quite awhile after,
This went on constantly,
Dyin to open,
But slammin' faithfully.
Cause I'm a...

Dead Juliet.
Ya, I'm a dead Juliet.
A dead Juliet.
I'm a dead Juliet.


When I was young, I'd do my quiet times, but I wasn't sure of what to think.
My mind would wander of rainbows and clouds, Carebears and Carolot...oh dear.
I would try to relate His heavenly throne with the Carolot that I'd so well known.
The sea of glass, the streets of gold; I didn't understand 'cause I was not that old.

At night I sit alone long to see your precious throne.
Oh God, hear my cry, come and sit by my side.

Around age ten, I thought again, "Who is this God who forgave my sin?"
Then it came to me late one night after my mom had said, "sleep tight".
I stood and asked, out loud I whispered, "Are you really there?" Hmm...

At night I sit alone long to see your precious throne.
Oh Jesus, hear my plea, let me sit on your knee.

Here I am with a license and car still trying to see who you really are.
I know the difference between what's right and what's wrong
I know you're my savior, that's why I sing this song...

He Wants You

Created perfect in every little way
In the image of God, so love you He may
When ya took your first step; He caught ya when you fell
And on your first day of school, He was so proud you did so well

He wants you

When you needed Him most, His arms were open wide
He saw you were lonely, you couldn't hide
They broke your heart, to your pillow you turned
He was sittin' on your bed 'cause His heart it burned

He wants you

You searched for lovers, that intimate touch
You were made with a purpose, to love Him that much
Nothin' fills that hole that someone else left
He cries out to you 'Beloved' and He's all ya got left...

Some Days

Some days I'm like Martha
Tryin' to get things done
Laborin' for the kingdom
Ya, it's lotsa fun
But there's so much to do
Lotsa good stuff
And there's times I get stressed out
Can't ever do enough

Come, come to my table
Sit at my feet
I made you able
Rest, rest your head
Lay at my feet
Come here instead

Some days I'm like Mary
Baskin' in the sun
Lookin' to the clouds
Distractions count none
When I choose what's better
No worries, no fears
I hear Him speak
He blows away my tears
And He says...

Let it be said...
She, she loves her master
Loves to serve, but listens faster
No labor in vain, a fragrant offering
Hear him speak, a smile at the King...

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