Frank (Francisco) S. Adamo (bio)

The Godfather of Effective Speaking

Contact:Mr. Frank (Francisco) Adamo
Mailing Address: P O Box 1555, Cypress, California, United States of America 90630
Phone:(714) 408-9287
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"I think the program was great. I learned a lot and I enjoyed every class. I like that you made us feel very comfortable and you shared your experiences with the class. You really changed my life. Thank you."
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FSAdamo Enterprises

Fields of Interest:

Body Language, Communication, Motivation/Inspiration, Networking, Personal Development, Presentation Skills, Success, Effective Meetings, Chemistry, Science, Public Speaking, Marketing and Communication, Parenting, Abuse, Cultural

Most Requested Topics/Programs:

  • Aiming at Your Target
  • Transcending your Fear of Speaking in Public
  • Embrace your Fear and Find your Passion
  • Opening Doors of Opportunity
  • Success through Communications
  • Delivering more Effective Business Presentations
  • Embracing our Heritage
  • The Forgotten maFia

Recent Engagements:

  • Transcend your Fear of Public Speaking - Jan & Mar 2006
  • Networking Person-to-Person - Feb 2006
  • Finding your Target and Focusing - Mar 2006
Length of presentation:From 20 minutes to 1/2 or 1 day
Travels From:Southern California (Orange Co)
Travel Limits:Open for Discussion
Target Audience:Any
Target Audience - Other:Those fearful of speaking in public and those who want to improve their communication skills
AV Requirements:
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Success through Communications Series

Effective communications is essential for success in business, for the community and at home. Frank S. Adamo offers a series of “Success through Communications” presentations and workshops designed to impact even the most successful person.

Frank has been more successful than most and not as successful as others. He received an M. S. degree in analytical chemistry and worked in the chemical industry for nearly 13 years as a chemist, supervisor, lab manager and a lab consultant. He’s also been a business/computer consultant for more than 20 years, having consulted with AT&T, Honda, and a variety of lesser known companies. Frank has worked in Seoul, Korea, and has been to Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, India and Italy for both business and pleasure. Frank has indeed been more successful than many. Yet, Frank grew up introverted and lacking confidence. He rarely spoke up in high school and college — afraid his opinions would be ridiculed. Though he did well in school and in his career, he rarely felt deserving of his credentials — until recently.

Now, after – not years – but decades of feeling inadequate and having a fear of speaking in public, Frank comes to you with his own unique perspective and understanding found nowhere else. As a coach, trainer and a radio talk show host, Frank assists others to find their passion and achieve their ultimate goal through his “Success through Communications” workshops and talk show.

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