Description:We provide training and application for professional and family caregivers dealing with persons suffering from dementia. Topics include (but are not limited to) fall prevention, crisis management, pain medication, OSHA compliance, safety with Alzheimer's patients, incontinence care with dignity, elder abuse, residents' rights, menu planning, and daily laughter. We have quality courses aimed at improving the level of care for all patients. Senior housing groups use us for training staff.
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Contact NameWanda Smith
Contact TitlePresident
Structural makeup Commercial
Target Audience (Dentists, Physicians, Dieticians, PAs, etc...) Healthcare Managers
Target Audience (Other)Professional and family caregivers, Administrators, Nurses, Assisted Living and Senior Housing Managers
Field of Interest Aging
Field(s) of Interest (other)health, senior housing
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Course TitlesCrisis Management, Safe and Accurate Medications, Safety for Persons with Alzheimer's Disease, Fall Injury Prevention in the Elderly Population, OSHA compliance, Incontinence Care, Elder abuse, Residents' rights, Crowd Pleasing: Win-Win Menu Planning, Activities in Daily Laughing, Dressing & Grooming, Normal Aging, Pain Management for the Elderly, Recognizing Signs and Symptoms of Dementia, Fitness & Physical Activities, Grief and Loss Among Caregivers and Care Receivers, Ain't Misbehavin or Behavior as Communication, Personal Care: Bathing, Living the Good Life: Psychosocial Well-being, Who Says It Can't Be Wonderful, Do You Hear What I Hear?, Do You See What I See?, More Than Just Words, Communication 101
Fees (or ranges)$15-$45 per applicable course
Currency:US Dollars
CE credits available:1-3 CEUs per applicable course
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Money-Back Guarantee?No

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