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Fear is Fuel You Need to Create Success!

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Mailing Address: P.O Box 7669, Torrance, California, United States of America 90504
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"Julie is one of the most reliabe, resourceful, friendly and hassle-free speakers we've ever booked," says A. J. Mandela of the Women Outreach International, CA.
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Career/Lifestyle, Change, Creativity, Diversity, Education, Entrepreneurship, Empowerment, Family/Youth, Health/Wellness/Nutrition, Inspiration, General, Health Promotion, Adventure, Aging, Balance in Life, Business, Family, Fearless Aging, Health & Wellness , Community, Depression

Most Requested Topics/Programs:

  • Motivational/Inspirational Topic: From Nothing to All Things
  • Overcoming FEAR Topic: From a Dumping Ground of Death to a Stunning Ground of Serving Others
  • Health & Nutrition Topic: How to Balance Your Health/Life in the Midst of Difficuty
  • Sales Topic: You Can Succeed
  • No Matter What
  • Team Building Topic: There’s No Such Thing as a Solo Success

Recent Engagements:

  • 12-20-08Speaking at Santa Barbara's Women Ministries
  • 01-13-09Speaking at a Book Club in Torrance CA
  • 01-30-09Speaking at Yucaipa School District
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Target Audience:Any
Target Audience - Other:Schools, Churches, Profit, Non-prifit Organizations, Business Owners, Networking Group, Network Marketing
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When she was growing up, Julie Thong was far from what you would call a success.
Julie was born crippled with straight skinny legs lack of musculature. She was diagnosed
leg muscular disorder. Fortunately, after trying many different kinds of holistic
treatments, she started learning how to walk for the first time at the age of 4.
At 15 years old, Julie was tortured physically, mentally and emotionally and left to die in
the dumping ground of a Communist Concentration Camp in Cambodia. Four years later,
she dodged bullets and landmines as she and her family fled to a Thailand Refugee Camp
to escape Cambodia’s murderous Pol Pot (Khmer Rouge) regime. The obstacles that she
faced – war, slave labor and starvation – were life-threatening.
At 21 years old, Julie arrived in America with her family without knowing a word of
English, had no job and no money. She felt miserable and confused because of language
shock, culture shock, food shock and skill shock. Julie was overwhelmed with fear: fear
of getting out of the house, fear of learning a new language, fear of asking for help, fear
of meeting people and fear of looking at them in the eye. Julie was told that she was not
amount to anything and labeled as “learning disabled” person. She became discouraged,
doleful and hopeless. Julie did not think that she could survive in America.
At 35 years old, Julie went through a deep depression due to divorce and lay-off from her
job at the same time. Her pain was immensely awful. While dealing with her divorce, she
slipped into a deep depression. This was a very difficult situation and she became suicidal.
Julie strived and discovered an incredible strategy to change her life. She was able to
forgive, change her perspective about life, and was very determined to transform her life
by turning her fear as fuel to ignite her passion and purpose.
At 45 years old, Julie went on to earn her MBA degree in Global Management,
discovered a successful home based business, published her memoir, “Khanteya: My
Courageous Quest for Love and Freedom,” and self-help book titled “The Power of
FEAR: Face Everything And Rejoice.” Julie founded the non-profit organization called
“Amazing Mission International for HEART” to assist under-served
people worldwide and enhance their well being and environment.
At 50 years old, Julie is now pursuing her doctorate degree in Psychoneurology and
BioMedical Nutrition. As a business consultant, entrepreneur, philanthropist, author and
inspirational speaker, Julie has helped thousands of people find their inner strengths to
conquer any challenge in their personal and professional lives, push their limits, improve
their performance and expand their horizon.
Julie’s work has been featured on many national and international radio shows and major
television networks such as CNN and Time Warner Cable TV segments. Her greatest
achievement of all is her relationship with God, husband and daughter. When it comes to
pushing the limits… Julie walks her talk. After hearing her speech and presentation, your
life will definitely be empowered with more courage, purpose and strength to succeed.

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