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From: "Williams, Jason" To: "ptowns" Sent: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 16:58:37 -0800 Subject: Doug Bender's session today Hi Pierre, Just wanted to shoot you off a quick email - we had our HR Retreat today at which Doug Bender spoke. I am sure - and I hope - you will receive more detailed feedback from my superiors on this, but I wanted to put in my two cents straight away as well!! He was everything I expected and more - a fantastic session... and the response from the other HR 'rank and file' whose comments I have heard so far, more than echoes my own sentiments strongly... The depth and quality of the presentation - the value he was able to communicate to us in such a short space of time - not only evidenced his experience and expertise as an HR Executive, but also his fine skill as a facilitator and presenter. I am extremely pleased that the City is doing business with your company and I do hope that they exercise the wisdom to not only retain, but expand this relationship in the future - even well after I am gone! Thanks very much! Regards, Jason
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Change, Creativity, Diversity, Ethics, Future Trends, Human Resources, Inspiration, Leadership, Learning, Motivation/Inspiration, Spirituality/Religion, Success, Teambuilding, Excellence, Goal Setting, Cultural
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