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Contact:Mr. Richard Cavalier
Mailing Address: 3699 Wilshire Blvd #850, Los Angeles, California, United States of America 90010
FAX:310/671-6590 (my ID needed)
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New York University incentive program chair; "Sales Management" magazine columnist & seminar's co-authority; MPI Tony Award winner (1972): No comments--just abundant recognition!
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Fields of Interest:

Communication, Teambuilding, Training, Effective Meetings

Most Requested Topics/Programs:

  • Group communications
  • Corporate meetings
  • Training

Recent Engagements:

  • No "recent" engagements: Coming out of retirement to help to re-center the meetings professions and trade on the message
  • not the technology. Stress message and its meanings
  • not purchases--as the industry prefers it! Important: Cavalier does not denigrate A/V technology
  • only its claimed faultlessness or panacea for all meetings ills. Significant talks and credits from the 1970s-plus: New York University's world's-first incentives program chair; "Sales Management" magazine columnist and sales meeting seminar's co-authority (1970s); "Advertising & Sales Promotion" magazine columnist; MPI Tony Award winner (1982; some details below; letter on website: 'MPI' button). The 1970s? The human brain hasn't changed much in 10000 years: only technology changes
  • and technology can overpower the message! Why was high expense required to cause the trade and industry to recognize the fact of failed meetings? Wasn't failure itself enough? Or? For back-up
  • see this speaker's website: Other presentations and related articles on the 'Recognition/Industry' button
  • on the speaker's website. *** Failed meetings are finally making the news. . .sort of. . .even in a defensive ad by a supplier ("Training" magazine; Mar/Apr
  • '09'; p15)! Many untold stories (managerial ego) and denial of the facts (industry bias). Editors are finally looking for stories on the topic. It's now a hot topic because of the high cost of the computer related equipment and software that have been failing to train/teach/sway/help--as claimed. For an eye-opener
  • see "Advertising Age" for Aug 4
  • '08; pp4&18. Also check the "Ad Age" site's upper-right ear and search "Pay-for-Play." Also
  • the Public Relations Society of America is speaking against "P-f-P." Connection? "P-f-P" is currently being treated as a new phenomenon. In the main-stream press
  • it might be; but the meeting industry freebie mags have proved during three decades that advertiser dominance can be highly profitable. Only the reader/user loses! No one can prove anything--isn't it all just opinion? But unqualified opinions of others can affect your programs. Too many uncertain people
  • including executives and managers
  • believe what they read in the purchased press. That can complicate your program plans or even destroy them. Contrary views (like this speaker's) are not new--only ignored for decades by the meetings industry (freebie) press. See second and third opinions re: freebie press in "Descriptions" section
  • above. *** Read "industry" as the commercial adjunct to the meetings profession and trade
  • not its legitimate voice. . .only its loudest. But "loud" is enough to stampede the neophyte planners away from messages and toward advertised purchases. That's why your message needs to be protected from the maxi-media moguls. Today's meetings problems and failures proceed largely from an early decision by the industry's first user-association (1972) to defer to suppliers' and industry magazines' biases in return for early support and publicity from the mags
  • which the association wanted. Unfortunately
  • business magazine editors still defer to the industry's editors because
  • "Don't they know best?" Obviously not! "Training" magazine began challenging industry sacred-cows about the year 2000. New publisher--sister freebies--no more criticisms. For perspective and chapter-and-verse citation of those key "Training" articles
  • see the speaker's website:; click the 'Final Thoughts' segment (at the asterisk on 'Titles' page) and its reference
  • 'AOM & Early Mag Articles' button. *** Example of contrarian opinion for today's circumstances: Without a standardized rating system (such as Find-Speakers' template) what's anyone's personal opinion worth re: speakers or anything else? Such opinions can be equated for intrinsic value with cell phone votes re: opinions about the latest movie star divorce or romance. The value of the content of the given presentation should outweigh anyone's subjective rating
  • relative to the rater's own personal biases and/or understanding of (and uses for) the given message. Report the rater's own background and experience with the topic; then deliver an opinion on the speaker! Then the ultimate reader can judge both the ratings and the rater
  • too. The meetings industry will gladly settle for pop responses to serious matters because the meetings industry abjurs standards and ethics. Codes of Standards and Ethics mark most professional organizations--but not in the meetings industry. If professionals want standards and ethics in the meetings trade
  • then professionals need to set them for the meetings industry and even for general business editors. Suppliers form the majority of user-association members at perhaps all user-associations and refuse to permit Codes of Standards and ethics. The real professionals in the meetings trade can't settle for pop! Trainers report that over 50% of sessions at over 50% of reporting firms are still done in meetings ("Training
  • " '08 annual report). Professionals expect you to state back-up (facts
  • proofs
  • and/or statistics) when you share experiences. . .and ratings! So
  • no ratings comments here--only an award
  • substantial speaking slots
  • and decades of valid recognition! If you're interested in substance
  • that combination should carry weight. If not
  • keep searching. This speaker has a lot to say about meetings
  • meanings
  • and messes--and how your organization can take control of meetings so that they succeed--dependably! Would you like to hear the "How-to"? Commit now! *****
Length of presentation:1 hr min talk; 3+ hrs if how-to-program seminar
Travels From:Los Angeles
Travel Limits:None; world-traveled; valid passport
Target Audience:Any
Target Audience - Other:Corporate meetings manager, CLO, Training Director, Sales VP & Sales Managers, Dept Heads
AV Requirements:None--that's part of the message!
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Writer/author in business communications, including meetings and training. Much-published early authority on group communications needs and methods for small, small-group, and/or large assemblies. Brief Resume on the website; then 'About the Author' button. Resume link below the Note.
For correspondence from some major corporation and association clients, see 'Recognition/Client' buttons on the business-books website quoted above.
RC's one-time co-worker at UA hosted the world's first meeting planning convention (Chicago,'70-71). A competive group borrowed his attendance list and set up shop across the street--with help from the freebie mags. It survives.
Co-originator of the meetings trade's convention consulting function (1960) at United Attractions. UA was patronized by major national associations and corporations. See several client letters on the website's 'Recognition/Client' button.
Cavalier concepts: "The message is the message" (Sorry, Marshall--it's not the medium!); "If you have nothing to say, cancel the meeting"; Maxi-media techniques can overpower the message." If technology is essential to communications, how did the caveman survive without slides and digital?
Want to know the educational purposes of visual aids? And how and when to make good ones? Get it all here!
Why isn't RC's name as a foundation-contributor more easily recognized? RC doesn't compromise on meetings needs! So he became a '70s cold-war-style non-person in the industry's freebie press: if Cavalier is right, then the meetings industry press and its user-associations are wrong and easily discredited!
See second and third opinions in the "Description" section, above.
In the '70s, a "Christopher Thorne" wrote an acceptable-criticisms column for a freebie mag--pseudonym to protect his identity in the industry (as the mag stated). Why should even gentle truths need protection for the writer? Hidden agendas!
Reminder: American Express has estimated (decades ago) that about two-thirds (yes: 2/3) of the typical corporate travel budget is dedicated to the annual central sales meeting. Why does the meetings industry and its press minimize or denigrate the value of video conferencing as a potential alternative in many instances?
Yes, "many" instances. Nothing does everything equally well. . .except adequate attention to the message!
Cavalier knows how that's done right! Ask!


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