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Recognized Expert in Helping Seniors Maintain their SAFE Driving Independence as They Progress through the Aging Process

Contact:Mr. Matt Gurwell
Mailing Address: 554 Oakwood Trail, Painesville, Ohio, United States of America 44077
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"After my 83-year old mother developed some medical issues, Matt worked with her personally through the Enhanced Self-Assessment Program for Senior Drivers, and empowered her to on her own make the very difficult decision to no longer drive. Because it was ultimately a decision she made as opposed to a directive from someone else, she has taken complete ownership in the decision to quit driving. She even "brags" about her decision to her friends! We would have never guessed it! Thank you Matt for helping to keep mom (and the rest of the motoring public!) safe." Paula Brewington Cleveland, Ohio.
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Founder and CEO of Keeping Us Safe, LLC

Most Requested Topics/Programs:

  • Senior Drivers Vs. the Aging Process
  • Parents with Aging Parent Drivers
  • Enhanced Self-Assessment Program for Senior Drivers
Speaker 's Fees:$2500 or less
Length of presentation:60-120 minutes
Travels From:Cleveland, Ohio
Travel Limits:None
Target Audience:Any
Target Audience - Other:Senior Drivers, Loved-Ones of Senior Drivers, Caregivers, Caseworkers, Social Workers, Attorneys, Doctors, Discharge Planners, Nurses, Assisted Living Administrators, Independent Living Administrators, Short Term Care Administrators, Activity Directors, Human Resource Managers
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Mr. Gurwell is the founder & CEO of Keeping Us Safe, LLC and currently lectures throughout the United States on topics related to the aging process and its adverse affects on driving skills.

As founder and CEO of Keeping Us Safe, Matt’s mission is to provide strategies and guidance to seniors that will help them to continue driving safely until they decide on their own that it is time to retire from their driving career.

Matt retired from a very distinguished and successful 24-year career as an Assistant District Commander with the Ohio State Highway Patrol in the spring of 2005.

Matt started off his career by being selected by his peers as Class Speaker for his graduating class, which afforded him the honor and privilege of delivering a speech to the audience on behalf of his graduating class during commencement exercises (an honor that Matt still remembers fondly).

As a trooper, Matt accelerated in the area of accident investigation. He quickly became very well respected in the areas of evidence collection, evidence analysis, filament analysis, calculating minimum and critical speeds from roadway evidence, and crash-scene photography. He was also selected by the Patrol to gain certification as a "Technical Accident Investigator", which at that time was the highest level of accident investigation training available to Ohio State Troopers.

As a trooper, Matt investigated hundreds of traffic accidents, many of which involved serious injuries or were even fatal, and many of which involved elderly drivers. Matt has personally handled dozens of death notifications as the direct result of poor driving decisions, and he can still tell you word-for-word how many of the families responded when they were first told of the terrible news. He has had a very moving and emotional article published on the very topic of highway safety and death notifications.

Through the Patrol’s promotional/selection process, Matt also served as a field training officer, a first-line supervisor, a post commander, and finally an assistant district commander. He has also instructed administrative courses at the Ohio State Highway Patrol Training Academy. In his later positions of leadership with the Patrol, Matt developed and administered several successful highway safety education and enforcement programs designed to reduce highway fatalities.

This passion for highway safety is what has motivated Matt to develop safety programs designed specifically for senior drivers. More information on the two benchmark programs of Keeping Us Safe (“Senior Drivers Vs. the Aging Process” and “Parents with Aging Parent Drivers”) can be found at

Mr. Gurwell’s business has also developed the nationally recognized “Enhanced Self-Assessment Program for Senior Drivers”. More details on this outstanding guided driver self-assessment program can also be found on the company’s website.

Mr. Gurwell has participated in many public speaking engagements, has written countless articles and has conducted numerous television, radio, and live internet interviews on the subject of highway safety. During his career with the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Matt received many awards and has received many commendations from members of the public. In 2001 he was recognized for pulling an unconscious truck driver out of his overturned, burning truck.

During his tenure with the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Matt also taught accident investigation and traffic law at North Central Technical College and at Clark State Community College. For several years he served as an instructor in the Lakeland Community College’s Regional Basic Police Academy, and was selected as the Best Instructor of the Cycle in 2001. In 1995, Matt was selected by the Patrol to attend the University of Louisville’s prestigious Southern Police Institute.

In his official capacity with the OSHP, Matt has worked closely with the United States Secret Service in planning and implementing operational plans for Presidential motorcades, as well as for the motorcades of other dignitaries (vice-presidents, first-ladies, secretaries of state, etc.).

Matt currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio. He enjoys visiting professional sports venues across the Nation, and flying his radio-controlled helicopter.

Most importantly, Matt is quick to point out that he still has the passion for working to keep America’s roadways safer for everyone, and he is very willing and eager to help you or your group as well.

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