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Mailing Address: 56 Arland Drive, Southbridge, Massachusetts, United States of America 01550
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Concept Innovations

Most Requested Topics/Programs:

  • Goal Setting vs Goal Building
  • Don't Just Set Goals Achieve Them!
  • Motivation Is Good Inspiration Is Better
  • Leadership Training- Don't Just Lead Lead Effectively
  • Manage Your Time Or Fall Behind
  • Build The Right Team For Success
  • Communicate Effectively Sell Effectively
  • You Control You No More Excuses For A Bad Attitude
  • Sales Training- Make A Strong Close Not A Pushy Close.
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My years in the sales business were spent with a keen eye towards figuring out what works and what doesn't. I spent times in all sectors of the sales business; in-home, business to business, cold call, software, telemarketing, and others. This time was spent both as a sales representative and as a sales leader of varying sorts. One of the many things I learned in this time, and that we all have heard but sometimes forget, is that sales is sales. All these different types of sales come down to the same basic sales principles and the things that make a company successful in their sales departments all work the same way as well. There are basic principles to make a sales department run efficiently, and productively the same way there are on an individual sales call. Setting sales specific goals, creating a specific sales plan to reach that goal, hire the right people for your sales company, training, retaining sales professionals, and retraining are the basic principles to running a successful sales department.

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