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Contact:Mr. Tim Keck
Mailing Address: PO Box 2547, Rogers, Arkansas, United States of America 72757
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"Tim's presentation was exactly what we needed. With over 650 associates attending, his mix of stories and humor kept everyone engaged." - Kirk H. Exec VP Tulsa, OK
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Fields of Interest:

Leadership, Motivation/Inspiration, Teambuilding, Personal Safety/Self Defense

Most Requested Topics/Programs:

  • The Bulletproof Leader
  • Bulding a Bulletproof Team
  • Zombies Never Prosper

Recent Engagements:

  • Antigua Leadership Seminar
  • Chicago Teamwork Under Stress
  • New York CSI:YOU
  • Dallas Cohesive Leadership Team
  • London Meshing Generations
Speaker 's Fees:$2501 to $5000
Length of presentation:20 mins - 4 hours
Travels From:Northwest Arkansas
Travel Limits:
Target Audience:Any
AV Requirements:Projector/TV, Flip Chart or Marker Board
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Airfare: yesHotel: yes
Food: noMileage: yes


Tim D. Keck is a best-selling author, a top-rated speaker and one of America's premier experts on leadership and teamwork under stress. He conceived the Bulletproof Teams framework that is helping organizations worldwide create teams that consistently exceed expectations.

Formerly, Tim was a career police officer and SWAT leader who rose through the ranks to Chief of Police. He has testified before a Congressional committee, provided VIP protection to celebrities, and spearheaded a multi-national undercover investigation.

Tim is now the managing partner at Performance Insights, LLC, a boutique management consultancy based in NW Arkansas. He has been quoted in publications from Newsweek to The New York Times and has made several appearances on national television.

His practical approach to leadership and teamwork comes from insights gained during SWAT missions, when a lack of performance might be deadly. Tim's presentations, however, are full of both wit and wisdom. He uses improvisational humor and true stories to illustrate learnings that can be put to use immediately.

In his previous career, Chief Keck’s work was recognized by several federal agencies including the Drug Enforcement Agency and Department of Homeland Security. The Department of Justice wrote “The FBI and the American people have been the beneficiaries of your professionalism and dedication to duty…” about his career-long efforts.

Tim has assisted organizations from L.A. to London and from Calgary to the Caymans. Clients include PepsiCo, Kimberly-Clark, Walmart Stores, Tyson Foods, Marriott, Arvest Bank Group, J.B. Hunt, OppenheimerFund, Total Oil – Canada and many more.

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