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Address: Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
Event dates:9/14/2020 - 9/16/2020 (This event has already taken place)
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Topics to be Covered:

  • Frank McCormick, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research
  • Channing Der, University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill
  • Piro Lito, Memorial Sloan Kettering Center
  • Ryan Corcoran, Harvard Medical School
  • Aaron Hata, Harvard Medical School
  • Scott Kopetz, MD Anderson Cancer Centre
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Drug Development
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Via the latest data driven case studies from academic and industry pioneers, the 2nd RAS Targeted Drug Development Summit (running digitally this year!) will shine a spotlight on optimizing the selectivity and tolerability of your anti-RAS therapies, exploring novel combination strategies and overcome translational pharmacology challenges to set the stage for the 2nd generation of mutation-targeted RAS modulating therapies yet to come.

Why You Should Attend this Digital Summit:

- Explore how to leverage the internal structural biology of RAS mutations in order to produce effective and clinically viable therapies with discussions from D.E Shaw Research, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Hospital for Sick Children

- Deep dive into RAS associated pathways in order to optimize combination therapies with insights from Novartis, Genentech and Deciphera Oncology

- Evaluate the mechanisms of action and resistance of RAS targets to accelerate target validation and clinical translation with insights from Abbvie, PhoreMost and Verastem Oncology

- Adopt novel techniques to successfully target therapeutic vulnerabilities in RAS-driven cancers with lessons learnt from BeiGene, Genentech, Revolution Medicines, Oblique Therapeutics and Aro Biotherapeutics

- Explore the successes and future therapeutic potential of targeting mutation beyond G12C from within the RAS community explored Revolution Medicines, Francis Crick Institute and MD Anderson Cancer Centre

Following the success of RAS-Targeted Drug Discovery Summit in 2019, we will re-unite the RAS community virtually this coming September with the most comprehensive and definitive conference specifically dedicated to this community.

Join 250+ of the leading minds from large pharma, biotech and academia across the globe who are striving to capitalise on the therapeutic opportunity of targeting RAS through advancing novel mechanisms of action, improving drug-like properties and accelerating the translation of potent and mutation-targeted 2nd generation RAS targeted therapeutic strategies into human clinical trials.

What you can expect at this digital summit:

40+ world class speakers

36+ late-breaking case studies

2 dedicated streams

6+ technical workshops

250 + senior attendees

8+ hours off dedicated networking

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Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Registration Fee Details:

Industry Pricing: 3 Day Pass - Conference + Workshop Day: USD 3198.0
Industry Pricing: 2 Day Pass - Conference Only: USD 2299.0
Academic Pricing: 3 Day Pass - Conference + Workshop: USD 2698.0
Academic Pricing: 2 Day Pass - Conference Only: USD 1999.0
Industry Pricing - Workshop Day Only: USD 999.0
Academic Pricing - Workshop Day Only: USD 799.0

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Speakers: Martin McMahon, Huntsman Cancer Institute of University of Utah, Greg Beilhartz, The Hospital for Sick Children, Christine Pratilias, Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins, Miriam Molina-Arcas, Francis Crick Institute, Jack Arbiser, Emory University School of Medicine, Benham Nabet, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Pan-Yu Chen, University of California, Antti Poso, University of Eastern Finland and University Hospital Tübingen, Steve Kelsey, Revolution Medicines, Peter Hammerman, Novartis, Alexander Scheer, Aelin Therapeutics, Bryan Smith, Deciphera Pharmaceuticals, Francis Burrows, Kura Oncology, Jonathan Pachter, Verastem Oncology, Erik Digman-Wiklund, Targovax, Frank Haluska, Anchiano Therapeutics, Lusong Luo, Beigene, Steven Fruchtman, Onconova Therpaeutics, Mark Erlander, TrovaGene, Silvia Coma, Verastem Oncology, Jan Smith, Revolution Medicines, Sreesha Srinivasa, Oblique Therapeutics, Steven Nadler, Aro Biotherapeutics, Matt Meyer, Senior Director and Head of In Vivo Biology, Tauseef Butt, Progenra, Marco Hofmann, Boehringer Ingelheim, Nicholas Heimann, Nicholas Pharmaceuticals, Pete DeMuth, Elicio Therapeutics, Grahame McKenzie, PhoreMost, Beth Stronach, RASopathies Network, Erica Jackson, AbbVie, Marie Evangelista, Genentech, Ida Aronchik, Celgene, Yibing Shan, D.E Shaw Research, Huaixing Hao, Novartis, Richard Somberg, Promega, Kerstin Pohl, Biodesix

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