3rd Dry AMD Therapeutics Summit (description)


Address:200 Stuart Street Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America 02116
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Event dates:11/30/2022 - 12/2/2022 (This event has already taken place)
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  • Abraham Scaria Chief Scientific Officer AGTC
  • Anneke Der Hollander Senior Principal Scientist and Ophthalmology Lead AbbVie
  • Arun Upadhyay Senior Vice President and Head of R and D Ocugen
  • Brian Hotchkiss Executive Vice President of Ophthalmology Stealth Biotherapeutics
  • Science, Health and Medicine
  • Medical Research
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2022 hosts the race between IVERIC Bio and Apellis for regulatory approval of the very first marketable dry AMD treatment. In addition to clinical advances, the field will see plenty of technology advances for more patient-compliant therapeutics, with the favourable one-dose gene therapy approach addition to pipelines, and optimized biomarker technology.

Join our 30+ expert speakers as we tackle the most critical roadblocks preventing your drugs getting the patients who need them. With companies such as Janssen, Apellis, Novartis, IVERIC, Genentech, AbbVie and more, we'll delve into the role of genetics, subretinal drusenoid deposits, lipid peroxidation and soft drusen in the progression dry AMD; realize the future of next generation biomarkers such as OCT technologies for novel structural endpoints and pharmacodynamic biomarkers such as DKK3 to; discuss better utilization of animal models and novel patient derived iPSC models to overcome translational challenges such as poor recapitulation of the human eye and much more content.

Speakers: Cathy Yelf, Chief Executive Officer, Macular Society, Christine Curcio, Director of the AMD Histopathology Lab, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Cynthia Owsley, Director of Clinical Research Unit and Professor, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Daniel Chao, Senior Director and Clinical Lead, Translational Medicine, Janssen, Daphna Mokady, Chief Scientific Officer, Endogena Therapeutics, David Callanan, Chief Medical Officer, Aviceda Therapeutics, Dhaval Desai, Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer, IVERIC Bio, Donald Fong, Vice President of Ophthalmology, Annexon Bio, Federico Grossi, Chief Medical Officer, Apellis Pharmaceuticals, Friedrich Asmus, Chief Medical Officer, Oxular, Hao Chen, Principal Clinical Scientist, Genentech, Hema Ramkumar, Oculogenex, Chief Executive Officer, Hemant Khanna, Vice President of Preclinical Ocular Research, IVERIC Bio, Malia Edwards, Assistant Professor, Wilmer Eye Institute, John Hopkins, Maria Khan, Clinical Development Lead for FB-LRX, Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Mary Hamby, Vice President of Research, Cognition Therapeutics, Mikhail Schshepinov, Chief Medical Officer, Biojiva LLC, Nida Sen, Senior Director, Retina Clinical Lead, Janssen, Pravin Dugel, President, IVERIC Bio, Ramiro Ribeiro, Executive Medical Director and Ophthalmology Program Lead, Ruchira Singh, Associate Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, University of Rochester, Stephen Poor, Director of Translational Biomarkers at NIBR, Novartis, Stephen Scowcroft, Director of Services, Macular Society, Tarek Hassan, Chief Development Officer, Aviceda Therapeutics


07:50 - 12:00

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Conference Only - Drug Developer: USD 3099.00,
Conference + 2 Workshops - Academic: USD 3397.00,
Conference + 1 Workshop - Academic: USD 2998.00,
Conference Only - Academic: USD 2599.00

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