7th Annual Meeting of the Minds (description)

"Rubek Was an Idiot"

Category:Balance in Life
Address:1234 Cerebral Way Medulla, Michigan, United States of America 56432
Event dates:6/15/2004 - 6/17/2004 (This event has already taken place)
Event web site:
findCE GPA: 4.00 (maximum = 4.0)
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This event blows my mind every year. Even though its only in its 3rd year of existence, I havent missed it in 7 years; Totally awesome
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The Meeting Where the Jocks are Nerds


Topics to be Covered:

  • Dr. Gustav Minderkein
  • Dr. Nancy Patterson
  • Hustfert Gub, PhD
  • Lord Bryan Foreth
  • Bill Smith
  • Ricardo Hernandez III
  • Dr. Sharon Rock
  • Fiona Helmet, MD
  • Gene's Therapy
  • Tumor-Hosts Benefits
  • Apple Stem Cells - Newton Revisited
  • Idiopathic Cranio-Facial Erythema
  • Dementia, Dystonia and Dyskinesia
Organizer phone:555.555.5555
Offering type:Symposium
Specialty:Intellectual Property Law
Event frequency:Every Year
First Meeting:2002
Total events:2
Est. attendance: 338
Target audience:Scientists
Other target audiences:IQs over 200
Host Sponsor:Left-Brained Inc.
Est. # of exhibitors:4
Currency:US Dollars
CE Credits:24 Class III


Nowhere in time have cosmic minds come together as they do annually in the Valley of the Halls


15th: 8:00 AM-12 Noon - EEG-mapping: Methods, Implications and Results
12 Noon-4:30 PM - Hemispheric Asymmetry
16th: 8:00 AM-12 Noon - Brain Topography
12 Noon-4:30 PM - Spatiotemporal Modelling
17th: 8:00 AM-12 Noon - Brainstem Reflexes - Predicted by Zodiac Signage?
12 Noon-4:30 PM - Mind-Mapping: That Equator Makes My Nose Itch

Registration Fee Details:

$895 for the weekend, including festivities; no discounts; extra $45 at the door

Other items that tuition includes:

Chess tournament; sack lunches; set of tapes delivered within 6 weeks to all paid tuition attendees

Travel and hotel arrangements: 
Contact Person:Marlena Oblongata IQ 230
Organizer Address 11234 Cerebral Way
Organizer CityMedulla
Organizer State: (US)Michigan
Organizer State/Province: (Outside US)
Organizer Zip or Postal Code56432
Organizer CountryUnited States of America
Organizer Phone555.555.5555
Organizer Fax555.555.5555
Structural makeupOrganization
Host Sponsor; Other SponsorsLeft-Brained Inc.
Event Site/VenueValley of the Halls
Other LanguageLatin
Event sold out?No
Multiple locations or dates?Multiple dates but same location
Manufacturer and Organizational Sponsorships:Mensa; Hubert P. Furry Foundation
Peripherally organized activities:Mastermind Sessions daily during sack lunches on the courtyard; Chess Tournament throughout the weekend; IQ Testing on the eights
Statistics available for most recent event held in:2003
Average number in event attendance of:Academic/Faculty
Number in attendance of:Metaphysicists
# of staff in attendance: 2
# of family members in attendance: 0
total attendance #: 337
Any other event statistics?Eggplant for the third year!
Target BoundariesInternational
Refund Policy:1/2 refund inside a week; no refund after start of meeting
Is Registration contact information the same as Organizer Contact above?Yes
Web Page
Can one register for your CE on your web site?No
Can registration be made by snail (regular) mail?Yes
Online housing reservations: 
Do you have additional written or AV materials for sale?No
If so, are they available for non-attendees as well as those attending?NA
Is full tuition necessary to ensure registration?Yes
Will there be shuttle service available?NA
Details:Meetings are all in the hotel

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