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Tammy Carullo, RDH

Contact:Ms. Tammy Carullo
Mailing Address: 8 Chris Lane, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States of America 17042
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"It's rare to have a dental speaker actually be able to relate to what we go through in private practice every day. Let alone find one who provides us so much pertinent information everyone on the team can use. But Tammy Carullo`s message was packed full of real life usable information, delivered with such a high level of enthusiasm it was contagious! Thank you, Tammy, for the best program ever!" - Sandy Lessard, RDH New Hampshire Dental Hygienists’ Association CONTACT AT:
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Practice by Design Consulting, Inc

Fields of Interest:

Dentistry, Leadership, Management, Teambuilding, Business Development & Growth, Dental Hygiene

Most Requested Topics/Programs:

  • Raising The Bar
  • I'm A Dentist Now What
  • Perio & Beyond
  • Making A Million-The Bread & Butter Way
  • Don't Stress For Women

Recent Engagements:

  • Yankee Dental Congress
  • Greater St. Louis Dental Society
  • Louisiana Dental Hygienists' Assoc
  • NYS Academy of General Dentistry
  • TN Dental Hygienists' Association
  • NH Dental Hygienists' Association
Length of presentation:5-6 hours average
Travels From:Harrisburg, PA
Travel Limits:None
Target Audience:Dentists
Target Audience - Other:Dental Staff / Dental Hygiene / Dental Mgmt
AV Requirements:LCD Projector and hookups for groups larger than 200, Screen, Cordless Lavaliere Microphone
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Tammy Carullo began her career in Dentistry as a Dental Assistant while in High School in 1984. She graduated Northampton's Dental Hygiene program in 1992 and went onto continue her career and studies expanding into the business of dentistry. In 1999 Tammy founded her present day consulting company, Practice by Design. As a consultant, speaker, published author, Mother of two, and cancer survivor, Tammy has much to offer a wide variety of audience. Tammy's favorite topics to speak on are how to "raise the bar" on profitability for the entire practice. She is known for providing more than is expected in terms of information that can be used right away for results.

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