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Helping you reverse aging by changing your mind

Contact: Michael Brickey
Mailing Address: 865 College Ave., Columbus, Ohio, United States of America 43209
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Wonderful, inspiring, and thought provoking -Joy Pachucki

You were the hit of the program….I especially liked the way you got the audience to apply the concepts in their own lives…. After the program I asked a young man what he liked best about the program—the beautiful models? “No,” he replied, “It was that doctor. He really got me thinking.” If you can get someone in their twenties to thinking about how to age well into their hundreds, I guess you can reach just about everybody. -Jeffrey Paul

Wow! …You really did your homework and knew what we are about before the seminar. And you made our staff feel special. The ideas seemed tailor made for our needs and your enthusiasm and passion were contagious. Your concepts are a perfect marriage of what we do with the mental, emotional, and spirit realms of holistic living—beauty and presence inside out and outside in. -Debra Kerr-Fitzpatrick

(You) made change and “continuous quality improvement” so easy and simple that it is easier to do than to argue with yourself about not doing it. Your “Defy Aging” presentation was seminal, visionary thinking that starts wherever a person is and challenges him or her to be optimistic and positive about aging well. I was amazed at how comfortably people shared their personal experiences and concerns related to the concepts. I saw it change many beliefs and behaviors. –Norma Fladen

You did an exceptional job of building bridges between in a way that drew from, and contributed to, their diverse personal and professional experiences. We clearly could have extended the (half day) session into a full-day format, and that is precisely what I would recommend next time around…. We were very impressed with how you interacted with the audience, succeeded in recruiting them to volunteer examples from their lives, and addressed their questions respectfully and compassionately…. In short, thank you for the wonderful, top-notched presentation, interview, and radio publicity. You opened our eyes and minds about a lot of things and did it in a very kind, loving way. -Dr. Greg Neimeyer

You were so inspirational and enlightening. You gave us hope and responsibility for our future….if we can stick to our (Mental) ‘ABC’s. We left there feeling we could. Funny, many of us spent a large part of our lives teaching the ABC’s to children…and now we are learning a new set from you. -Delena Doyle

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Fields of Interest:

Mental Health, Health/Wellness/Nutrition

Most Requested Topics/Programs:

  • Reverse aging by changing your mind
  • Helping patients and ourselves age well
  • Helping clients achieve their desire for looking and feeling beautiful on the inside as well as the outside
  • The mental ABCs for defying aging

Recent Engagements:

  • BryanLGH Hospital (audience of 350)
  • Columbus Association of Health Underwriters
  • Wigs for Kids
  • Cortext seminars
  • PsychoEducational Resources
  • Knox County Mental Health Association
  • Tranquility by Kerr
Speaker 's Fees:$2501 to $5000
Length of presentation:1hr, 2hr, 6hr
Travels From:Columbus, Ohio
Travel Limits:
Target Audience:Nurses
Target Audience - Other:Health Spa Professionals
AV Requirements:lavaliere microphone, slide projector
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Airfare: yesHotel: yes
Food: yesMileage: yes


Dr. Brickey is a personal coach and ABPP Board certified psychologist.
His book Defy Aging was
· featured on Oprah
· featured on CNN Sunday Morning
· featured on the Voice of America’s Talk to America
· a Finalist in ForeWord magazine’s Book of the Year Awards
· critically acclaimed by Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Betty Friedan,
Dr. Sam Keen, Dr. Ronald Klatz, Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa,
and four past presidents of the American Psychological Association

His personal coaching was featured in six issues of Let’s Live magazine.
He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association
and is on the medical staff of five hospitals.

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