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Contact NameLaura More
Contact TitlePartner
Structural makeupOrganization
Target Audience (Dentists, Physicians, Dieticians, PAs, etc...) Administrators
Target Audience (Other)Physical and Occupational therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Audiologists, Nursing Home and ALF Administrators, Case Managers, Disability Management Specialists, Dietitians, Nurses, Rehab Nurses, Therapeutic Recreation Specialists, Social Workers, Certified Counselors
Field of Interest Healthcare Delivery
Field(s) of Interest (other)mandatory continuing education for relicensure, development training, clinical skills courses
Web Site Home Page
Course TitlesWe currently offer 1300 hours of courses across 15 healthcare disciplines. Check your discipline at for courses accredited for your discipline or certification.
Fees (or ranges)Courses range from $10 per contact hour to $18 per contact hour, based on discipline. Corporate discounts available.
Currency:US Dollars
CE credits available:CE credits are available for 15 healthcare disciplines. Click on Accrediting Bodies on the home page for details.
Speakers/Presenters:Mary Litchford, Phd, RD, LDN Ricardo Fernandez, MHS, PT, OCS, CSCS Valerie Allen, EdD, NCSP, CCM, CRC, CVE Michael Demoratz, LCSW, CCM Adrianne Avillion, D.Ed. RN Mary Friesz, PhD,RD, LD Mark Kremen Steve Kirk, CNHA Ken Nanni, MA Cherry Pfau, BSN Donald Brady
Do you have additional written or AV materials for sale?Yes
Money-Back Guarantee?No
Details:"Dying 101" book for sale under the Products tab. Written by the CMSA Case Manager of the Year for 2002, Michael Demoratz, LCSW, CCM.

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