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Contact:Mr. Byron Walls
Mailing Address: 5042 Wilshire Bl., Ste. 262, Los Angeles, California, United States of America 90036
findCE GPA: 4.00 (maximum = 4.0)
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"Your unique ability to make people laugh about a serious subject has made this an impressive program that everyone continues to talk about. Natalie Dale, Paramount Pictures
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Fields of Interest:

After Dinner

Recent Engagements:

  • City of Santa Ana 8/1/03
  • Farmers Insurance 7/23/03
  • Chatsworth Chamber of Commerce 7/24/03
  • Wells Fargo Bank 6/6/03
  • Union Bank 6/5/03
  • California State Insurance Fund 6/11/03
  • Zerox Corporation 5/13/03
  • CBS Television 5/22/03
Speaker 's Fees:Unspecified
Length of presentation:one hour
Travels From:Los Angeles
Travel Limits:none
Target Audience:Any
AV Requirements:none...just a mike
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Airfare: yesHotel: yes
Food: yesMileage: no


Byron Walls is a nationally known stand-up comedian and crime safety expert who offers a one-hour, fast paced, hysterical "romp" on how to stay safe in today's world. He has been presenting his talk to groups all over the country for over twenty years.

As a sideline Byron is an actor and songwriter/musician. As an actor you saw him in the movie "Starman" with Jeff Bridges where he played the Arizona Police Sgt. Check out his website at

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