Dr. Joseph Blaes (bio)

Dr. Joseph Blaes, Editor of Dental Economics, and Member of the American Academy of Dental Practice Administration

Contact:Ms. Genna Leutzinger
Mailing Address: 1736 Gilsinn Lane, Fenton, Missouri, United States of America 63026
Phone:636-343-6808 or toll free 1-866-274-4500
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Dr. Kim-Hai Nguyen: Dr. Blaes, I liked your tips that showing us how to use the best product and that your presentation was clear & clinically revelant.
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Fields of Interest:


Most Requested Topics/Programs:

  • "Pearls For Your Practice"
  • "Hot Tips in Action" 4 part DVD Series
  • and Videos by Dr. Joe Blaes

Recent Engagements:

  • Speaker for The Chicago Dental Society
  • The Thomas P. Himan Program
  • and The California Dental Association. Dr. Blaes presents a full day and also great Hands-On workshop programs.
Length of presentation:Full Day and multi day for Hands-On Workshop in Easy Temporaries to Veneers Made Easy.
Travels From:St. Louis, Missouri
Travel Limits:None
Target Audience:Dentists
Target Audience - Other:Hygienists and Assistants
AV Requirements:SVGA projector with at least 1500 Lumen and more - Please call Genna toll free 1-866-274-4500


Joseph A. Blaes, DDS

Dr. Blaes is well known in the Dental Industry and has created a unique, innovative, insurance-free, fee-for-service general practice in St. Louis, Missouri, that emphasizes preventive, esthetic, reconstructive and implant dentistry. Because of his interest in new and innovative materials and techniques, Dr. Blaes began writing “Pearls for Your Practice” in Dental Economics. The column quickly became a trusted resource for new dental materials and techniques. In October 1996, he was named editor of Dental Economics and is responsible for the new editorial direction of the magazine. His lecture and hands-on programs for dentists and auxiliaries have won rave reviews around the country. In addition to memberships in many professional organizations, Dr. Blaes is a Fellow of the American College of Dentists and he currently serves on the board of the American Academy of Dental Practice Administration.

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