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A Drug-free, All-natural Program for Women

Contact:Prof Dr Marie Annette Brown
Mailing Address: 12550 Shorewood Lane SW, Seattle, Washington, United States of America 98146
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My doctor kept just saying, “Well, when you think you’re really depressed let me know and we’ll get you on something.” But I’m not depressed. I have the Body Blues! And I now have a simple plan to fix it. Without drugs! —C.
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University of Washington

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  • Beating the Body Blues: A Clinically Proven Program Using Light-Exercise & Vitamins
  • Enhancing Mood & Well Being
  • When Your Body Gets the Blues

Recent Engagements:

  • Recently featured on a Nation Public Broadcasting System (PBS)one hour special
  • 2002 Pacific NW Advanced Practice Conference - Keynote Speaker
  • 2002 Texas Women's Health Confernce - Keynote Speaker
  • 2003 Olympic Peninsula Women's Health Symposium
  • Wahkiakum County Women's Conference
  • Henry Art Gallery Lecture Series - Featured Speaker
  • 2003 Pacific NW Association of Neonatal Nurses
  • 2003 Washington Annual Conference of Medical Librarians
  • Virginia Mason Medical Center Women's Health Conference - Keynot Speaker
  • Overlake Hospital Women's Health Conference - Keynote Speaker
  • 2003 King County Nurses Association Conference - Keynote Speaker
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Dr. Marie-Annette Brown, professor and researcher at the University of Washington, has developed an all-natural therapy for women with the "Body Blues." The Body Blues is a popular term for a type of mild depression that is very common in women. The Body Blues is not a severe mood disorder. Women who have this condition can feel happy when something good happens to them. They may enjoy much of what they do and be quite effective at work and at home. Surprisingly, they may not even feel sad or blue. Nonetheless, their bodies are sending out clear signals of distress. Too much of the time, they feel tired, tense, or irritable. They know they should exercise more, but they find it hard to summon the energy and motivation. Many women with the Body Blues eat too much - especially in the second half of the day. Due to their low energy and food cravings, some women may be significantly overweight, which can compromise their health, detract from their appearance, and undermine their self-esteem. To help her many patients with the Body Blues, Dr. Brown and her colleagues at the University of Washington designed and developed the LEVITY Program, a program based on three simple activities, each one proven to boost women's mood and energy or tame their appetites.

Dr. Brown explains all you need to know about the LEVITY Program in their Body Blues Workshops. The half-day workshops are fast-paced, loaded with information, and lots of fun! You will leave the workshop armed with the strategies you need to boost your energy, tame your appetite, and brighten your mood. In addition to giving workshops, Dr. Brown is available to give talks to the general public or to train health professionals to administer the LEVITY Program.

Dr. Marie-Annette Brown is a Professor of Nursing at the University of Washington and a primary care provider at the University’s Women’s Health Care Clinic. She holds a BSN from Vanderbilt University and an MN
and PhD from the University of Washington. She is nationally certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner and a Psychiatric/Mental Health clinical Specialist. For the past two decades, Dr. Brown has successfully combined research, teaching, and clinical practice. As a primary care provider, she has dedicated her efforts to the
needs of women who are challenged by fatigue, food cravings, irritability, and weight gain.. Dr. Brown has received numerous awards, including Nurse Practitioner of the Year, the Achievement in Research Award, and the School of Nursing Excellence in Teaching.

Results from Dr. Brown’s LEVITY Study were published in the medical journal Women & Health. (The full text is available at Feature stories about her work have appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers, and the LEVITY Program has been featured in a national Public Broadcasting System (PBS) one-hour special. Dr. Brown has given Body Blues talks and workshops around the country to health professionals and to the general public.

Jo Robinson, co-author of When Your Body Gets the Blues and LEVITY Study co-investigator, is a bestselling writer who specializes in natural health research and education.

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