Category:Social Work, Social Work/Sciences
Description:Online continuing ed courses for Case managers,Rehab Nurses & Social Workers. Courses approved for Nurses, CCM, CMC, CRC, CRRN, CDMS, CPUR, CPUM, COHN, COHN-S,CLCP, Social Workers(ASWB) & CPHQ(pending). Topics include Disease Mgmt, Ethics, Managed Care, Workers Comp, Disability, Rehab & Catastrophic CM, Outcomes Mgmt, Life Care Planning, Pain Mgmt and much more. Over 250 contact hours avail. from Introductory - Advanced. CERTIFICATION EXAM PREP courses for CCM,CRRN,COHN & COHN-S also available.
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Contact NameVicki Peterson
Contact TitlePresident
Structural makeup Educational
Target Audience (Dentists, Physicians, Dieticians, PAs, etc...) Nurses
Target Audience (Other)Case Managers, Rehab Nurses, Social Workers
Field of Interest Case Management
Field(s) of Interest (other)Case Management, Quality Assurance, Ethics, Disease Mgmt, Outcomes Mgmt, Discharge Planning, Life Care Planning, Utilization Review, Communication Skills for Case Mgrs,Long Term Care, CM Models, Workers Comp, Disability, Rehab & Catastrophic CM, Pain Mgmt, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Drug Abuse and much more.
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Course TitlesOver 250 contact hours offered - including: Case Studies, Essentials of Managed Health Care, Developing a Case Management Model, Case Management in an Insurance Setting, Introduction to Community-based Care Management,HIV / AIDS Case Management, Managing Trauma Patients,Case Management for Individuals with Severe and Persistent Psychiatric Disorders,Heart Failure and Case Management, Managing a Long Term Case, Health Outcomes: Measuring and Maximizing Value in Disease Mgmt, Introduction to Bioethics, Ethics in Rehab, Fundamentals of Medicare / Medicaid, Denial Management, Catastrophic CM and Life Care Plans and much more.
Fees (or ranges)Registration is FREE, NO Membership fees. Courses range from $7.50 - $15 per contact hour.
Currency:US Dollars
CE credits available:Courses approved for Nurses in every state, CCM, CRC, CRRN, CDMS, CPUR, CPUM, CLCP, Social Workers (ASWB approved provider) & CPHQ(approval pending)
Do you have additional written or AV materials for sale?Yes
Money-Back Guarantee?No
Details:CCM, CRRN, COHN and COHN-S Exam Prep Intensive courses offered. See details on home page -
NOTESAll courses address some aspect of case management, rehab nursing, life care planning or social work. Courses approved for Nurses (in every state), CCM, CRC, CRRN, CMC, CDMS, CPUM, CPUR, COHN, COHN-S, CLCP and ASWB(Social Workers).
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