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An experienced nationwide mortgage lender who can share strategies to secure the best commercial mortgage loan tailored to your project

Contact:Mr. Brian Opert
Mailing Address: sterling commercial capital, fairfield, Connecticut, United States of America 06824
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"I heard Brian at a conference years ago and have kept in touch in order to be current on today's quickly changing commercial capital markets lending strategies"
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Sterling Commercial Capital LLC

Fields of Interest:

Finance, Real Estate, Small Business

Most Requested Topics/Programs:

  • Common mistakes made by borrowers; How to work with a hard-money lender; Preparing for a lender's site visit; Documents to submit to request a mortgage loan

Recent Engagements:

  • MBA - local
  • regional and national
  • Multihousing World
  • Commercial Property News
  • Property Owners Associations
  • Mortgage Broker Associations
Speaker 's Fees:Unspecified
Length of presentation:20 minutes to 2 hours
Travels From:NYC
Travel Limits:None
Target Audience:Realtors
Target Audience - Other:commercial property owners, mortgage brokers
AV Requirements:
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Airfare: noHotel: no
Food: noMileage: no
Other:Possibly no fee or expenses expected, depending on the audience


Over 30 years profesional experience in commercial real estate as owner, property manager, leasing and sale broker, motgage broker and lender, involving all property types, nationwide, faculty affiliations and speaking engagements before range of organizations focusing on real estate and lending. BA, MSW, CPM, licensed real estate broker; routinely published in over 20 professional journals and publications.

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