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Author, Poet, Certified Personal Fitness Instructor, Outreach Worker, Certified HIV/AIDS Instructor, Certified HIV Oral Sure/Rapid Screener, Department of Youth Service Worker, Certified Speaking Professional, Musician, Singer/Songwriter

Contact:Mr. Johnny R. Bodley / Eyes JB CSP
Mailing Address: 771 County RD. 46, Selma, Alabama, United States of America 36701
Phone:334- 509-9210
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Mr. Bodley, I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for your efforts here in the Walker County schools. You spoke to both my son and my oldest daughter at Farmstead School in Jasper. They both were very impressed with what you spoke about and were eager to talk to me about it. My husband and I have always been very open with our children about sex and its' consequences, but having someone other than us speak to them about it was wonderful. I knew you had made a huge impression on my 12 year old son when he came home and was adamant that he get your book! While he is an A/ B student, reading is definitely NOT something he volunteers for. I have to say that I am also anxious to read your book as both of them were so impressed with you. Again, I thank you for your work and I hope you continue! Sincerely, Dawn Freeman
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Eyes.... JB ***** Productions

Fields of Interest:

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Most Requested Topics/Programs:

  • HIV/AIDS Prevention
  • Bullying
  • Gang related activities
  • Teen Pregnacy
  • Teen Violence
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease
  • Motivational talks

Recent Engagements:

  • Upcoming Presentations: Motivational Speech
  • Location: Mt. Zion Church
  • Marion Junction
  • AL. Wednesday Oct.11
  • 2017
  • Time: 10:00 AM. Motivational Speech
  • Location: Elbethel Baptist church
  • Selma
  • AL. Sunday August 27th
  • 2017
  • Time: 1:00 PM. Sunday May 11th
  • 2017 LINKS Awards night: Perform jazz music on piano/guitar
  • Location: Selma Convention Center
  • Selma AL. Time: 5:00 PM. Sunday May 7th
  • 2017 Motivational speech; Location: Antioch Baptist church
  • Orrville
  • AL. Occasion: High School graduation program: Time:1:30 PM. Presentations done in the month of May/June
  • 2016> Elbethel Baptist church. HIV screenings and presentations done in the month of November
  • 2013> Bibb County High School and Middle school
  • HIV presentations. Selma University
  • Presentation/screening. Harvest Ministries of Lisman
  • Al. presents (Youth Empowerment Day) HIV presentation. HIV screenings and presentations done in the month of May
  • 2013> HIV screening at Mt. Ararat Church
  • Selma
  • Al. Parrish High and Middle School
  • Oakman High and Middle School
  • Curry High and Middle School
  • Carbon Hill High and Middle School
  • Cordova High School
  • Dora High School
  • Valley Jr. High
  • Sipsey Jr. High
  • Lupton Jr. High
  • T.S. Boyd Jr. High
  • RB Hudson Middle school.) (2013) HIV presentation at Bibb County High School. (2013) HIV presentation at West Blocton High School. (2013) HIV screeing Dallas County Jail (men and women unit) (2013) HIV screening at Concordia College
  • Dallas county
  • Alabama) (2013) HIV presentation and screening at Pine Grove Baptist church Wilcox county
  • Alabama) (2013) HIV presentations at R B Hudson Middle School (2013) HIV screening at Wallace Community College (Selma
  • AL) (2013) HIV presentation at the Dallas County Jail
  • (2013) HIV screening at the Theo Ratliff Activity Center in Marengo County. HIV Screening at Hayneville County Jail
  • HIV presentation at Dallas County community center
  • (2011-2012) Presented Health seminars to the Pickens County School System
  • (2011-2012) Presented Health Seminars to the Fayette County School System
  • (2011-2012) Presented Health Seminars to the Safety Net Juvenile Youth Center (2011-2012) Did HIV/AIDS screening at The Hale County Jail in Greensboro Alabama
  • (2011-2012) Presented HIV/AIDS Health seminars for the Walker County Alabama School System
  • (2008) Presented HIV/AIDS presentation at African American AIDS Conference Philadelphia PA
  • (2008) Inspirational presentation Mercy and Grace church Boston MA
  • (2010-2012) presented HIV/AIDS seminars in Pickens
  • Perry
  • and Hale Counties in Alabama
  • (2009-2010) HIV/AIDS training program Perry County Correctional Center
  • (2007-08) HIV/AIDS seminars at W.A.Y.S. Detention Center Greensboro AL
  • (2007-08) New Testiment church of Tuscaloosa Alabama
  • (2007) Youth Retreat at Shocko Springs in Talladega Alabama
  • (2007) Bibb County Correctional Facility.
Speaker 's Fees:$2500 or less
Length of presentation:1 to 2.5 hours
Travels From:Selma, Alabama
Travel Limits:None
Target Audience:Any
Target Audience - Other:Specialty children and teenagers
AV Requirements:
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Airfare: yesHotel: yes
Food: noMileage: yes


At the tender age of six years old Johnny Bodley went to jail for the first time in his life,at age eight he would spend his first night behind bars in the Dallas County Jail in Selma, Alabama, his birthplace. Because of his very bad behavior, he was placed in a foster home by The Department of Public Welfare at age eleven for four years in the small town of Safford, Alabama.

At fifteen he served two years at the most brutal reformatory school in America at Mount Meigs. Later, at age nineteen, he received a High school diploma while attending night school at Flagler Jr. College while an inmate at the Saint John’s County Jail in Saint Augustine Florida.

Mr. Bodley have been involved in the health field mainly HIV/AIDS prevention, and Outreach, very seriously for approximately twenty years. For nine years he was employed at Whatley Health Services “HOPE Clinic” an AIDS outreach facility in West Alabama as an HIV Prevention Educator and Outreach Worker. He is also a certified Oral Sure HIV test screener. For three years he was at Selma AIR (AIDS Information and Referral) in Selma, Alabama as an HIV Prevention Educator where he is currently employed, and for three years he was employed with West Alabama AIDS Outreach (WAAO) in Tuscaloosa, Alabama as a Prevention Educator.

Because of his early childhood troubles with the law he has decided to devote the majority of his time trying to help troubled youth. For fifteen years he was employed as a Department of Youth Service direct care counselor at the Boston Secure Treatment Unit (Lock Up) in Boston, Massachusetts. After returning to Selma he was employed at the Selma- Dallas Boot Camp, and Detention Center as an Officer at the Dallas County Jail, and After 28 years of being crime/trouble free, and doing right in society, he was granted a full pardon on April 30th, 2007 by the state of Alabama.

Mr. Bodley graduated from the world famous John Robert Powers School of Modeling and Fashion design which is also located in Boston. There he earned many honors and awards. He also became certified in 1993 as a Fitness Instructor in Nashua, New Hampshire (AFFA). In 15 years he has presented more than 20,000 presentations on HIV/AIDS, as well as his miraculous life change in 50 counties across Alabama, Mississippi, and several counties in the state of Massachusetts, to grades 4 through 12, 10 major Universities, including 6 Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Mr. Bodley has also Presented his seminars at jails and prisons where he’s taught an HIV/AIDS faith based prevention class weekly at the Perry County Correctional Facility in Uniontown, Alabama,and the Bibb County Jail in Brent, Alabama. He also presents his very popular seminars at Detention centers, Boot Camps, Radio stations, and Television programs.

A popular German network has taken interest in his HIV/AIDS work in the communities, as well as with prisoners, and has decided to portray his life and life’s work. Mr. Bodley also speaks at Houses of Worship across the state, and in 2004 served as an HIV/AIDS Consultant to the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa with Dr. Susan Gaskins PHD. "I'm constantly lifting up holy hands to the Almighty for not allowing me to never ever become infected with such a terrible disease such as HIV/AIDS. Because face it I was really out there at one time in my life," He says. Johnny Bodley changes people lives for the better because of what he's been through and survived. He is a great inspiration to people, especially youth, many of whom writes to him constantly thanking him for helping them. In April of 2007 he received a full pardon from the State of Alabama for all of his wrong doings of the past.

Johnny is the author of the book These Eyes: The Autobiography of A Once Notorious Po' Bad Boy ISBN# 1591291208 and the newly released young adult novel "If I Should Die Tonight" The Untold Stories. ISBN # 978-1-4797-1694-4, Xlibris publishers Ph:888-795-4274, also visit for more book information.
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